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Checking In on 2024 Goals - My Journey with Habit Formation

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🌟 Checking In on 2024 Goals: My Journey with Habit Formation 🌟

How are your 2024 commitments shaping up? One of mine is a fitness challenge: to achieve 50 ‘easy’ push-ups in a row by the end of this quarter. Let me tell you, it began humbly – my first attempt was a modest 11 push-ups. But, 19 days in, I’m already at 24 consecutive push-ups!

So, what’s my strategy for developing this new habit? It’s intertwined with my existing morning routine.

I start with Yoga, which acts as my trigger, followed by two sets of maximum-effort push-ups. Post-Yoga is prime time for this challenge! Each session ends with a reflective note on my achievements, emotions, and bodily responses.

The reward? That exhilarating muscle sensation post-exercise, coupled with a sense of pride and joy. It’s another day spent stepping out of my comfort zone.

🧠 Inspiration & Science Behind the Habit 🧠
My mental push comes from admiring David Goggins’ incredible drive to stretch beyond comfort zones. His story (do read “Can’t Hurt Me” if you haven’t yet!) and the neuroscience of brain growth related to embracing challenges fuel my motivation.

🔄 The Habit Loop: Yoga, Push-Ups, Peloton 🔄
Building habits, as I’ve learned from “Atomic Habits” and “The Power of Habit,” is a journey taking anywhere from 66 to 254 days. So, I silence my inner critic and make daily repetition as seamless as possible. My habit stack – Yoga, followed by push-ups, then a 60-minute Peloton session – is my daily investment, however small the progress. Even on tougher days, the key is consistency.

🔗 Staying Connected & Pushing Through 🔗
Now, I’d love to hear from you! What are your 2024 goals and routines? How do you maintain your focus and overcome challenges?

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