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Immersed Learning

Phrase more motivating: What a day of immersed learning. I followed today an approach of having a Productivity Day that I had the honour to learn from Antoine some years ago.

A day full of sports and deep dive learning. It is just amazing how an medium intense, long running workout helps to sort thoughts about previously learned aspects. And fascinating how many new ideas pop up and how things connect in such a flow zone that is fostered by a workout distractions, great energising music and goo leading instructions.

Now I need to hop on my Second Brain and capture these ideas and connect it further.

Converted to and posted on LinkedIn on [[2023-02-04_Sat]] : What an incredible day of learning and productivity! I was fortunate to learn the Productivity Day approach from Antoine a few years ago, and today I had the chance to put it into action. Combining physical exercise with deep, focused learning has been incredibly rewarding - it’s amazing how a moderate workout can help to organize ideas about previously learned topics and spark new ones. With the right music and guidance, it’s easy to enter a creative flow state and come away with a wealth of fresh ideas. Now I’m ready to open my Second Brain and capture these insights, continuing on this productive journey!


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