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Principles of Effective Learning Content

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Content preparation

In order to make content engaging and effective in our group coaching sessions we apply the 12 principles for effective Learning Content.

12 principles as guidance

  • Coherence principle - eliminate use of irrelevant images and slide decorations
  • Signaling principle - HIGHLIGHT or BOLD essential text or add elements one at a time
  • avoid Redundancy principle - explain it verbally without also providing a textual explanation on a slide
  • Spatial Contiguity principle - place related elements close
  • Temporal Contiguity principle - present related material simultaneously (e.g. combine instructions in breakout session alongside a model)
  • Pre-Training principle - introduce key concepts/terminology either before or at the start of a session
  • Modality principle - balance how much you say and attendees have to read. We learn best from visuals and spoken words, opposed to visuals and printed words.
  • Multimedia principle - combine e.g. words and images
  • Segmenting principle - break content into segments. With a meaningful interaction every 5 minutes - to access understanding
  • Use human voice principle - implemented by using coaching and facilitation by our awesome Coaches
  • Personalization principle - use conversational language
  • Image principles -  Show relevant visuals on the screen instead of a talking head.

📖 Richard E.Mayer - Multimedia Learning Great detailed article by Andrew DeBell - https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-use-mayers-12-principles-multimedia-learning-examples-debell/

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