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Find your Ikigai

IKIGAI - it is not a Venn Diagram

Finding purpose and fulfillment in life can be found in the little things. Ikigai is a concept that originates from Japanese culture and philosophy. It is often described as “the reason for being” or “the reason to wake up in the morning.”

A great writing prompt to be mindful of the small things in life

Reflect on the past two days. What small but meaningful moments did I experience? What did I almost overlook?

Extend by: What was the origin of that item? How was I feeling then?

My example:[[Working on my Ikigai]]

Leverage an unfair advantage taken from a disadvantage

I have felt, been through. …
Which will help me do, feel, experience …

“No one has a personality structure like mine,

has had experiences like mine and

no one has felt and thought what I felt & thought.

Giving expression to that through

____ something no one else can do but me.”

To what question is Ikigai the answer to?

  • What do I leave behind?
  • Ikigai as a way to explore that
  • Motoki Tonn
  • Great model for my career development
    • good for self reflection
    • can be also a good filter for note-taking
    • Be cautious about the limiting elements of this model

People and Follow ups on Ikigai

The meaning of Ikiga

About Paying attention

  • Attention as our highest valued source. [[BASB - Learning about Express#ROA - Return on Attention - The most important metric for knowledge workers]]
  • Finding value and meaning is available to us in any moment and at any time.
  • My space is my freedom and now one take that away from me.

What fosters our Ikigai awareness

  • Ease
    • e.g. Art (also fighting Art) … this provided ease
    • Ichi-go Ichi-e
    • enoughness, that is ok, letting go trying to be perfect
    • Ikigai will find me, and we discover that along our journey
  • Respect
    • we bow (not via hands) … the deeper, the more respect
    • Ikigai as a deep respect to my life … I demonstrate high value to my life
  • What do I really enjoy doing, when no one is watching me?
    • The source is also our childhood … What did I enjoy doing? Getting back to our source.
  • Consider the concept of harmony - where things can flourish in your life
  • Attention and Uniqueness
  • Primal Inclination by Robert Greene - talk about Mastery

What is grounding me in Ikigai

  • Chat with Ikigai moments
  • Ikigai meditations
  • Rhythms, patterns
  • friendships and small interactions
  • animals & nature - there one does not need to armour up

Finding uniqueness in Ikigai

  • What is an unfair advantage
  • turn your minuses/disadvantages/challenges into unfair advantages

A nice closing thought on Ikigai


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