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Growing AI productivity stack

Fast summarization of videos (and texts)

Extract text from video

Summarize with Lex

Lex can summarize provided text super fast. I just create a new document with the text from the transcript an the prompt with: Summarize.

Based on that summary I can drill down on topics that might be interesting. Example: Learning about Focus Drivers Approach - Park, Off Road, Sports, and Eco mode was completely done this way, based on a 90’ minute video that I even did not have to watch.

Creating images

The chain of ChatGPT 4 combined with MidJourney is just awesome. My current approach:

  • Use ChatGPT 4 prompt to get inspiration for an image e.g. for the concept of freedom. Prompt: Which images would express freedom
  • Ask for creating a Midjourney prompt: Create a prompt for the Flying Birds that I can use for MidJourney image generating AI
  • Use that in MidJourney as prompt behind imagine

Example application: [[Working on my Ikigai]] and Find your Ikigai.


Apply AI on Obsidian Second Brain

Using the Smart Connection Obsidian plugin, I can work with AI approaches directly on my notes within my Second Brain. This is really supporting reflection and serendipity for notes.


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