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Notes from AI and BASB by Tiago Forte


  • Show up with your camera on and show as a human
  • Also helps to pay more attention
  • engage
  • full shout out for the chat
  • “What is your top concern, questions, doubt you’d like to take away today”
  • Understand what is going on
  • How they fit it
  • How to leverage AI
  • Use google slides and allow people to make their own copy - this way they can life capture notes
  • Use the Zoom Q&A feature
    • take 1-2 minutes to add your questions and additional 30’’ to upvote the most important question

Nicely shows the explosion of capabilities

  • breakout rooms with groups of 3-4; 5 minutes
    • make your points succinct and concrete
    • give everyone the chance to speak
    • provide a very concrete prompt: How does that make you feel?
    • I love to hear in the chat what your answer was …
  • has a whole team in the background
  • How does that make you feel? What is the feeling telling you about the value/principle you have?
  • Enable browsing version in the paid version of ChatGPT
  • What is one thing you took away?

Great Chat GPT use cases

  • Comparing two items .. What are the major differences
  • Create Outlines
  • Compiling complex data - e.g. how many speakers of a language are there …
  • Creating stories and story pitches
  • Write Sales Copy
  • Summarize books, articles, pdfs that you can feed into the system - ChatPDF
  • Generate title/headline ideas

  • make future predictions
  • generate product or business ideas
  • planning trips/events

  • prompt databases: PromptVibes and Awesome ChatGPT
  • the beginning of a prompt has more importance
  • ask to reflect on a mistake
  • better ask AI to do something in steps: First do this, then do that,…
  • start with an initial response, ask for changes/improvements/clarificants and iterate
    • with other personas, difficulties, context extensions


  • Chat GPT
  • Lex - AI writing tool, like having an editor on my side
  • Midjourney
  • Adobe Firefly

Space for knowledge management

  • Draw the context to feed AI
  • Save best responses AI provides
  • Store best prompts and tools
  • Keep your most personal and unique data
  • Knowledge databases are extremely useful input to AI
  • make PKM resources available to enhance intelligence and relevance of responses


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