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Collaborative Learning Strategies

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Unlock the Power of Collaborative Learning 

Struggling to turn team knowledge into growth?  Collaborative learning could be your superpower.

7 key ingredients for Collaborative Learning:


✪ Ensure Executive backing. It’s about showing why it’s crucial for business triumph. Get C-suite to endorse it.

✪ Timing is everything. Launch your learning initiative when it resonates most – a corporate milestone, a market shift, or a ticking clock. 

✪ Engagement is key. Kickstart sessions by gauging commitment. Ask, On a scale of 1-5, how engaged do you plan to be in the session today? What would it take to increase that number by 1?

✪ Harness the BRAC rhythm. Minds thrive on cycles of focus and rest. Keep sessions snappy – 30 minutes to 2 hours max.

✪ Simplify to amplify. Use models to build skills without overloading minds. Combine with the “I do, we do, you do” teaching approach

✪ Embed much Practice moments. Individual prep work, then bring their insights into small group settings. Short, sharp 10-12 minute breakouts keep the energy high and the ideas flowing.

✪ Commit in the moment. When minds are ignited. “When this happens, then I’ll do that.” 

Harnessing these strategies isn’t just about learning; it’s about evolving together in a way that’s dynamic, engaging, and effective.

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7 keys to supercharge your collaborative learning

When you implement collaborative learning consider the following aspects.

  • Capture attention of learners with executive endorsement for your learning program. Why is it important for the company?
  • Launch around a shared moment of need - an event, a significant change, a due date
  • Set the stage for engagement. Ask: On a scale of 1-5, how engaged do you plan to be in the session today? What would it take to increase that number by 1?
  • Consider BRAC - the Best Rest-Activity Cycle. Work with session length between 30 .. 120 minutes.
  • Work with models to support skill building and to reduce cognitive load for group activities. Combine with: I do - We do - You do.
  • Leverage independent individual practice or actual work. Followed by breakouts to socialize on the individual pre-work and combine brains. Breakouts of 10-12’ work well.
  • Have learners make commitments DURING the session. Get concrete and tie the commitment to specific situations. When-Then or If-Then statements are helpful.

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