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Learning about creating a video using AI

Today I continued my AI learning journey and created my first short video with Pictory.ai The following video is based on my Essay - The CODE to leverage the effect of compounding knowledge.

The CODE to leverage the effect of compounding knowledge

I took the following steps to create this video:

  • Create a summary for the essay with Claude using Poe
  • From that summary I asked Claude to create a video script
  • I used Script to Video from Pictory.ai to:
    • create the video from the Script
    • to add my Audio Voice Over. Pictory.ai automatically adjusts my Voice Over to fit the scenes
  • Upload the video to Youtube

I have not yet much experience with creating videos. And I would like to use videos to share knowledge and make it even more tangible for people. Leveraging AI made this easier and a fun experience. Some aspects I perceived as especially helpful were:

  • The Voice-Over feature and** automatic matching my Voice Over to Scenes** saves a lot of time
  • The ability to convert my video script to scenes and automatically suggesting matching visuals is awesome. I did some changes and looked for better fitting video scenes and with the keyword search support this was really fast and simple.
  • The huge collection of background music is helpful too.

I was able to create the video from scratch in about 3 hours. I tapped into video creation some years ago and remember the time it took to search for matching visuals, for matching voice and video, for finding background music. In addition the costs were by far higher.

Having AI to support saves me time and money and helps me to focus on sharing knowledge.


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