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Nesslabs Community - Creative writing Session - Childhood Talents

Mariela - Costa Rica

Writing prompts

What was your childhood talent?

My childhood talent was sports. I was trying different sports and was also discovered during school sports to actually have some potential in ball sports . So I started playing football, then continue with handball where I was then playing for many years. I discovered that I like to be in a team. It was fun, gave good discussions, we were close friends and we had really a goal to achieve. My talent at that time was to be engaged and train hard to achieve something. And I was also becoming team captain, based on my organization/leadership and also calling out behaviors and pushing us to limits. This made me proud and people seemed to follow my passion.

My additional talent was to be in groups and have good connection with several people. I was much in nature and enjoyed a high degree of freedom to actually try things and learn in nature, have fun, have intense sessions with smaller groups and spent time together for long Later in childhood, starting rom 12 I really got hooked by computers. It started with computer games, back then far away from the immersion like today. More with exploration and solving strategic topics. I like strategy games of all sorts and played a lot. And I like to understand how these things work. So I entered a path of computers and creativity, what lead to my study, my professional career and is until today a huge passion.

Endurance, power, speed, being able to lead by strength.

What did you receive the most compliments from?

I got compliments for being motivated, having stamina and being calm, listening and leading but from the back of the room. I followed values like discipline, respect, punctuality/timing and applying willpower.

I received compliments for playing sports in school. For delivering good outcomes from school. For being approachable and a friend.

What did you have the most fun doing?

The most fun I had, when I was free and allowed to immerse in topics. I did play in nature with all kind of things. Also did stupid mistakes with fire, challenges. I crashed with my bicycle, I destroyed things but with explorer intention, not knowing that this was not a good thing. Actually I really had fun exploring how things work and belong together.

I enjoyed being with friends. Especially in summer we spent so much time swimming, having sports challenges, challenging each other in peaceful fighting, long discussions. Often in groups up to 20 people and a mix from Handball, school and some other folks.

I enjoyed time with my grand-grand parents. They provided peace of mind. I was really allowed to explore everything. They showed patience, put tools and things I needed in my way, so that I was able to use tools and explore. Actually there we no real boundaries. When I did mistakes, they explained me why things should not be done this way and also helped me to drive corrections. They did not correct that for me, but showed me a way forward. Actually this way of servant leadership and guidance is also something that I use till today and hope to apply with my children too.

I also enjoyed riding by bicycle. Not long distances but steady. Again this was inspired by my grand-grand parents. Later on I even bought a race-bike and went to them each day during a break in my studys. This was again fun.

I also enjoyed watching TV, but very selective. Just for 1-3h per week. It created special moments.

And I also remember great times in summer camps with many other children, two times even in a foreign country, what was quite special in former east Germany. Also the summer camps with my handball team where really great. Again with huge aspects of freedom great groups, challenges and a lot of team dynamics.


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