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Key elements for writing simply


  • Using ordinary words and simple sentences to make writing easier to read and understand.
  • Ensuring that writing is accessible, allowing ideas to leap into the reader’s head without them noticing the words used.
  • Being considerate of the reader by not using fancy writing to impress, which can burden the reader with extra work.
  • Writing simply to be clear, especially for non-native English speakers, as it ensures that the ideas are conveyed without relying on difficult words.
  • Avoiding fancy writing that can conceal the lack of ideas, as simple writing reveals the true content and keeps the writer honest.
  • Creating work that lasts, as simple writing is more likely to be understood in the future when culture and language may have changed.
  • Editing rigorously, which often involves cutting out unnecessary parts, leading to even simpler writing.
  • Choosing to use complicated sentences or fancy words intentionally for effect, not by accident.


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