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I struggle to keep track of our LinkedIn posts!
(…but I found a solution)

I created an organized archive of all my LinkedIn posts, with deeper insights and links for richer learning. Now available in my digital garden 🌱─ https://lnkd.in/etCbZ3XV

It is an evolution of expressing directly from my Second Brain, featuring:
↳ Posts linked to extra resources for deeper learning.
↳ Quickly find what interests you with themed collections.
↳ Anyone can access and download materials (like slide decks).

My observations 👀 ─ It’s fascinating to see how each post interconnects, forming a growing web of topics. Each post is a step forward in a much larger journey.

Here’s a peek at my process:
↳ Writing: I use Obsidian, core of my Second Brain, to draft my thoughts.
↳ Publishing to LinkedIn: Post-launch, I link back to the post in Obsidian.
↳ Exporting to the Digital Garden: from Obsidian with simple scripts.
↳ Continuous Enhancements with evaluations and broadening connections.

I’d love your feedback! What could make this experience even better for you?
How do you keep your content organized?

I’ll soon share the tech stack behind my digital garden.
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Content preparation


Do you also find it difficult to remember posts on LinkedIn. And does your saved item list grow more an more? I implemented a solution to get an overview of all my LinkedIn post, enriched with further deep dive information per post, linked with further knowledge. Now all available in my digital garden 🌱.

Have fun exploring: https://digital-garden.ontheagilepath.net/linkedin

This is a next step of c.o.d.Expressing directly from my Second Brain.


  • grouped by topic, fast to skim
  • enriched with further material, linked with connected thoughts
  • everyone can easily access the material and e.g. download slide decks

Observation: It is fascinating how each of my expressed thoughts on LinkedIn starts to get connected with other thoughts, how topics grow. Each post provides a step in a bigger journey.

Some insights on my processing pipeline:

  • I write my LinkedIn post in Obsidian, my Second Brain central application
  • After publishing to LinkedIn, I add the posts URL and further link it
  • With a simple script I export articles from Obsidian to my digital garden
  • After some time I add further insights, like ratings, more connections

Please let me know if that is helpful for you too! What might enhance that experience for you?

I’ll also soon share the tech stack for my digital garden. Follow me for more.

Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-04-29_Mon


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