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Kopf frei - Free Mind

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  • title: Kopf frei!
  • author: Volker Busch
  • category: Self-Help
  • isbn13: 9783426462744


  • focus on the important
  • realise your environment
  • be more creative through boredom


  • information is addictive
  • we tend to second screen behavior and through that loose the deeper connection to topics


  • provide more attention to what actually happens around you
  • give information more time to sink in

About concentration/attention

  • concentration means bundling of attention
  • it take some minutes to get in a concentration mode
  • we cannot multi-task for topics that are similar


  • avoid distractions
  • project future consequences of your behavior
  • plan for daily one hour without distractions - and practice it regularly


Nixen - do nothing and let you mind wander. This leads to our Default Mode Network taking over:

  • foster reflection
  • creating associations
  • opens room for new solutions to problems

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