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MOC - Learning How to Learn

Course: Learning how to learn by Dr. Barbara Oakley, Dr. Terrence Sejnowski Course claim: Learn more effectively and with less frustration I attended this course in 05/2023

Week 1 - Focused and Diffuse Thinking

Week 1 - Course Notes Focused and Diffuse Thinking

  • Focused thinking is like a spotlight, where we concentrate on a specific task or idea.
  • Diffuse thinking is like a relaxed state where our minds can wander and make connections between different ideas.
  • Using both modes of thinking can help us learn more effectively.
  • Switching between focused and diffuse thinking can help overcome mental blocks.
  • Taking breaks and engaging in physical activity can help stimulate diffuse thinking.

Week 2 - Procrastination and Memory

Week 2 - Course Notes - Procrastination and Memory

  • Procrastination is often caused by fear of failure or discomfort.
  • Techniques like the Pomodoro technique or the “just get started” approach can help overcome procrastination.
  • Sleep is crucial for memory consolidation.
  • Taking breaks during study sessions can improve learning.
  • Visual aids like mind maps or diagrams can help with chunking.

Week 3 - Memory and Recall

Week 3 - Course Notes - Memory and Recall

  • Memory is improved through repetition and active recall.
  • The Feynman technique involves explaining a concept in simple terms as if we were teaching it to someone else.
  • Spaced repetition can improve memory retention.
  • Mnemonic devices can help with memorization.
  • Memory is context-dependent.

Week 4 - Sleep and Learning

Week 4 - Course Notes - Sleep and Learning

  • Sleep is crucial for learning and memory consolidation.
  • Getting enough sleep and taking breaks during study sessions can improve learning.
  • Avoiding caffeine and other stimulants before bedtime can improve sleep quality.
  • Napping can help improve learning and memory.
  • Blue light from electronic devices can disrupt sleep.

Learning how to learn - Course Certificate

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