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Smarter Learning - Sharper Skills Live Workshop

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Unlock smarter learning and sharper skills to thrive in the age of AI

“Understanding what we learn is crucial, but in the era of AI and the Internet, understanding how we learn is even more critical.”
(distilled from ‘Learning Like a Pro’)

In the past I found it hard to follow through and retain what I learned!
Ever struggled too and wished you had a smarter approach?

Over the past three years, I’ve transformed how I learn and applied insights from learning types, educational science, and clever use of technology.

Ready to transform how you learn? ─ I’d love to share the strategies that worked for me. Join me on May 15th for my Smarter Learning, Sharper Skills group coaching session.

In just one hour, you’ll discover:
💡 Insights into learning types
💡 How to beat procrastination
💡 Effective chunking techniques
💡 Focused and diffused learning modes
💡 Hands-on practice with six levels of learning

Ready to transform your learning approach?
Can’t wait to share this with you in the workshop!

To register, visit https://explore.coachingbyblinkist.com/smarter-learning-sharper-skills/

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Smarter learning, sharper skills (1h group coaching with me)

“… it does depend on what we learn – but in the age of the AI & internet, it’s even more important how we learn.” (distilled from Learning Like a Pro)

In the past I found it hard to follow through and to retain what I learned! Do you also sometimes struggle with that? And wished you just would have a smarter approach?

I enhanced my approach to learning in the past 3 years, based on major insights about learning types, learning science and extending though smart usage of learning technology.

And on May 15th , I’m there for you to share some of these insights with our Smarter Learning, Sharper Skills group coaching session. In 1h you’ll learn how to follow through and retain information to unlock the doors to successful learning.

We explore:

  • the importance of combining Focused & Diffused learning modes
  • Working with chunking information and
  • Beating procrastination
  • We discover the 4 Learning Types
  • and practice 6 levels of learning

Let’s together learn smarter, not harder. See you in the workshop?

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