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Diffused and Focused Mode of Learning

🧠💡 Unlocking the Power of Learning: Focused vs. Diffused Mode 🚀📘

Hello, fellow learning enthusiasts and productivity geeks! Today, I’m thrilled to share a transformative insight that has mainly improved my approach to learning. 🌟

🔍 My Discovery: combine focused and diffused learning modes
I stumbled upon this game-changing concept in the course “Learning How to Learn” (link in the comment). The course introduced me to the world of focused and diffused learning modes and it’s importance to foster creativity and find solutions to topics. A real eye-opener! 📚

One of my approaches: 🌙🌤️ Evening Study & Morning Insights
My journey begins each evening with focused study or work on a specific topic. Then, I let these ideas percolate overnight. Come morning, during my meditation and yoga routine, the magic happens. Thoughts begin to crystallize! 🧘‍♂️✨

🚴‍♂️ Peloton Interactive Rides: Where My Mind Travels
The real kicker for diffused mode learning? My 1-hour Peloton rides. While my body engages in exercise, my mind embarks on its own journey, often leading to astonishing revelations. 🚴‍♂️🌌

📱 Capture the Moment: Note-Taking on the Go
A small hint: keep your phone handy. When a profound thought strikes, “Hey Siri…” becomes an invaluable tool to jot down ideas without breaking the flow of my exercise. 🗒️🗣️

I’m always amazed by the ideas and insights that emerge when the mind is given the freedom to wander. And interestingly that approach of learning also adds to my motivation of exercising. And this way provides a powerful reward that manifests my habit.

🔎 Your Experiences
I’m curious about your experiences with learning modes. How do you balance focused and diffused thinking?

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