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Notes from Day 2 of the Mindvalley AI Summit 2023

AI Summary for day 2

  • The summit showcased AI’s application in image generation, content creation, and music production.
  • AI tools like Midjourney and ChatGPT were demonstrated for image creation and copywriting.
  • The concept of “Image Hooks” for creating attention-grabbing images was introduced.
  • AI’s role in designing virtual and physical spaces was discussed.
  • The ethical considerations of AI, including transparency and fairness, were highlighted.
  • The potential of AI in personalizing education was explored.
  • The importance of human-AI collaboration was emphasized.
  • Predictions were made about AI’s increasing integration into everyday life and its role in driving innovation.

Set the stage - Image generation with Midjourney and ChatGPT

  • Create images that match company brand
  • shows ChatGPT to Midjourney connection to generate images

Trying an own Midjourney prompt - beginner style:

Ask ChatGPT to generate a MidJourney prompt. See this level of details it creates.

I just created a version with my Midjourney using that prompt

  • trained ChatGPT to act as a creative director
  • need to explain what is MidJourney
    • copy into my diffusion model
  • ChatGPT loves the pretend! (be a world class creator,…) - this really ups the quality
  • Add powerful description words

ChatGPT Response Please provide the example prompts for me to analyze. Once I have reviewed them, I will respond with “READY” and awalt your photo project description to create a tailored prompt using the learnings from the example prompts.

  • Give the instruction and ask when it is ready and understood the first instruction. This way you can go sequentially
  • Copy great prompts from Midjourney and use it to train ChatGPT on the level of details and also the image details

Some great prompts copied from Midjourney

Flowing River High - End Camera and Lens Japanese Comic Book Style + Bold Lines Vivid Colors Classio Manga.

knows exactly where she’s going. High-Contrast Photography Arab Woman Warrior White Horse Desert Landscape Spiritual Badass Theme + Modern Twist on Traditional Clothing Bold Colors • Lightstreaks + Dynamio Composition + Canon EOS R5 + Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM ISO 200 Shutter Speed 1/1000 F/2.8 → Depth of Field Color Grading Shadows+ Volumetric Lighting + Soft High Resolution Detalled

  • Give ChatGPT 10 examples

  • Creating Horizontal Images … At the end of the string at -ar:16:9 when pasting in Midjourney

Customize to unique needs - Working with Image Hooks

  • focus on capturing attention! - really cool

• Bold and contrasting colors that pop and stand out. • Unique perspectives or unusual angles that create visual interest. Unusual or unexpected subject matter that grabs the viewer’s attention. Intricate patterns or textures that create depth and intrigue. • Creative use of lighting or shadows to create a dramatic effect. • Playful and whimsical elements that evoke emotions and create a sense of fun or Joy. Clever use of negative space or optical illusions that create a sense of mystery or Intrigue. • Dynamic composition that creates movement or draws the eye to a focal point. Symbolism or metaphorical elements that create deeper meaning or convey a message. With these elements in mind, I can modify the prompts I created earlier to make them more visually striking and attention-grabbing.

To create attention-grabbing, poster-like images that incorporate elements of pop-art or optical illusions, focus on the following aspects: Bold, vivid colors: Use high contrast and saturated colors to make the images stand out and draw the viewer’s attention. Unusual or surreal scenes: Incorporate unexpected or fantastical elements that challenge the viewer’s perception of reality. Humor: Adding humorous or quirky elements can make an image more memorable and engaging. Strong composition: Use dynamic compositions and leading lines to guide the viewer’s eye through the image. Repetition and patterns: Utilize repeating shapes, patterns, or elements to create a sense of rhythm and movement within the image. Juxtaposition: Combine contrasting elements, such as old and new, big and small, or natural and artificial, to create visual tension and interest. Text and typography: Integrate text or typography as a design element, incorporating motivational quotes, slogans, or phrases that resonate with the viewer.

  • Train ChatGPT with labels

*Yes, I understand. When you mention “add Image Hooks,” I will create prompts taking into account the Image Hook List provided above, focusing on attention-grabbing and unusual elements. If you have any other specific requirements or preferences, feel free to mention them, and I will incorporate them into the prompts accordingly. *

  • Customize to brand
  • Lets call this list brand playbook

Blend images

Blend images you want to combine. Use blend command in Midjourney.

Some catches from questions and from the chat

Data Analytics from Youtube

  • ChatGPT 4 - use the code interpreter plugin
  • code interpreter can translate data to me
  • Claude.ai - can except a lot of context and can translate data (or cloud.ai)

On can get all of the slides later by asking for it.

Andri Peetso session - Coding with ChatGPT

Benefits of Learning to Code

  • Automation of repetitive tasks
  • Improved productivity-
  • Better understanding of technology
  • Development of critical thinking and creativity
  • Entrepreneurial potential
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Understanding algorithms and logic
  • Expanded career opportunities

How to code using Chat GPT

Recommendation Antrohopic - build with Claude - better than ChatGPT and is completely free.

In his Demo Andri uses ChatGPT. It needs ChatGPT Plus.

Demo on building a WebSite

Use dribbble for inspiration. To derive, what you need to provide as prompt instructions for ChatGPT.


… Give it more detailed instructions

Just to show some more detailed information

Return as NextJS and Tailwind.

You need a code editor (any text editor). Recommended Visual Studio code

  • MAC: needs homebrew as package manager. With that you install necessary programs
  • copy to terminal and run

Iceberg model for many programming language and their difficulty levels

NextJS - static site generator

Watch his youtube video where you can build a WebSite in less than one hour.

For building the Website, now just follow the instructions that ChatGPT provided. (Andri showed that step by step during the presentation and this will also be available via his video. I don’t capture all these steps in this note, as this would be just repetitive and can easily be reconstructed).

After the initial draft, you can iterate on it with ChatGPT.

Vercel to host the WebSite. https://iwantmyname.com/

Example 2 - Code the Pong Game using Anthropic

Run your own AI models

Run you own AI models. E.g. use GPT4all for that. With that you can run you own AI instance locally on your machine. This way you can e.g. analyze data locally.

How to create world class art music with AI - Manon Dave

His material is available via the QR code - https://linktr.ee/manondave.

Education First. StudyBuddy smart speaker?

  • Create photorealistic images
  • Design spaces
  • Edit marketing materials
  • Produce your own Soundtrack

OSBEC to get photorealistic prompts with Midjourney

  • Output
    • What is the image supposed to be (e.g. cinematic scene)
  • Subject
    • Who? Describe the subject
  • Background
    • In focus/place
  • Emphasisers
    • tags, yellow core, hex codes in design
  • Camera
    • figure out with ChatGPT which ones you like

Used prompt with my Midjourney

How do design spaces

Photoshop (enroll with the Beta) with Generative Fill. To fill you room.

  • eg add large flat scree
  • add large chandelier with crystals …

Editing marketing materials

  • Photoshop fill + Canva to add more objects to it

Working with Spaces

  • Skybox AI - to generate own spaces (e.g. a hotel room)

Working with Music and Sounds

Use Music LM to generate music

Generate videos from text

  • RunwayML - combined with several Zoom levels of a picture. The Zooms where created using Midjourney-Zoom.
  • Canva to easily combine the video and Audio created and share it with others.

Domenic Ashburn - Mr Grateful - Creating AI Clones

3000 to 300k followers within one month.

Started with a nice AI generated meditation - with his voice, scripted by ChatGPT.

AI that can be used to help us to live more happy and meaningful lifes.

ElevenLabs - Generative Voice AI

  • Voice Lab - add a generative voice
  • Instant voice cloning - 70% accurate voice clone
  • Professional voice cloning
    • also to different languages
  • ChatGPT 4 is much better at reasoning

Use ChatGPT 4 to generate your text

And take that text to Eleven labs to create your sound.

What to use that for?

  • Creating content (brand, money, followers, brand opportunities)
  • Video creation with Runway - to create visuals for your presentations
  • You can provide your language and wisdom to the next generation, your children and following generations. You have the choice now.
    • Forever Voices
  • Speaking to people you could never talk too
    • D-ID match animation of an image to spoken words
  • Humane AI pin


With multiple modals combined. Transferring back & forth between all these models.

Created by Meta AI.

  • Image/Video (Midjourney)
  • Audio (Eleven Labs)
  • Text (Chat GPT)
  • Depth
  • Heat Map
  • IMU (Motion)

This is a path to more humanistic AI.

Protect with verifying your information

  • Define a 5 words code that you agree on with your friends and family. This code will be used when you need to verify the origin of a message
  • Verification tool combined with ElevenLabs - they can then verify your idendity

Take education to the next level

  • it needs guidance to learn
  • AI counterpart that is trained on me … create accessibilty ourselfs
  • Solve education unequity

How does that transform your business

Generating content at scale

  • 70% of a copywriters time disappears
  • Cut time to generate an article from 8 hrs to 5hrs

Step 1 - Feed transcript to ChatGPT

Feed with content that you own:

  • from an interview
  • from a podcast
  • from your recorded thoughts

This is an article to a list of what will be in the article based on the structure in the content brief. The main insights and learnings will come from Mindvalley trainer. You will be receiving a transcription of a podcast interview/lesson/etc. in chunks. Your task is to wait for all the chunks and then follow further instructions. Wait for me to start.

Step 2 - Create the Article

Step 3 - Titles and Descriptions

Can you list meta-title suggestions that are engaging and pique interest? It must have the exact keyword “stones of overcoming addiction.” Maximum of 50 characters.

With this title and the information I gave you for the content brief, can you come up with a list of suggested meta descriptions? It must be two sentences with a maximum of 155 characters total. It must have the keyword “stories of overcoming addiction.” And it must provide a benefit so that the reader will know what they’ll get out of the article by reading it.

It is important to use your own data and content!

insert meta description you’re going with.

Step 4 - Create a description

-Start with an attention-grabbing hook that highlights the significance of the topic. -Briefly introduce Eric Edmeades and his approach to hesith and wellness. -Preview the main points you’ll cover in the article. Make it engaging, humorous, and lighthearted. I do like how Caitlin Moran writes-but in a toned down version and in an American tone of voice.

Step 5 - Humanize

Use a simple checker, that checks for AI written text. Make sure it has a human tone. LLM as word prediction engine.

Check for the score.

Consider for writing a book

  • Cost of writing goes down (in his case by half)
  • Time needed (translated to cost) for having an editor goes down (in his case by 80%)
  • Speak out ideas in voice - get transcript - and let it write an article

Make your blog vocal

  • with ElevenLabs voice cloning (see above)

AI as your copywriter

Reduced 70% of copywriting work.

Great list of bullet points generated

  • More with Less: Achieve equal or better results with A.I doing your heavy lifting, free 1-2 days weekly.
  • Creativity Boost: Extra time sparks innovative thinking, bringing fresh ideas to your business and life.
  • Learn More: Use free time for upskilling, diving deeper Into A.I, and staying on the cutting edge.
  • Quality Life: Delegate mundane tasks to A.I, enjoy moments with loved ones, pursue hobbies, and unwind.
  • Strategic Time: Extra time allows reflection on business operations, enabling strategic planning and leveling up.
  • A Better Health: Less stress, better work-life balance, and more time for self-care equates to a healthler you.
  • A Financial Success: Leverage A.I for business efficiency. driving higher revenues and cost savings.
  • Lead the Pack: Adopting A.I keeps you ahead, positioning you as a visionary leader in your field.
  • Growth Environment: Extra time fosters continuous improvement for you and your team in the ever-evolving business world.
  • Maximize Productivity: A.I handles tasks 24/7, ensuring your business remains productive even when you’re not working.

Improving existing copy

20% increased conversion with 50% less time to create content…

Improve eMail

Business Mastery program

Chief AI evangelist Become a master of applied AI.

  • 2hrs a week for 25 weeks
  • be part of a community of people
  • Mindvalley - worlds leading transforming company
  • Starts August 16th


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