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Journey to Cohort based Learning

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🚀 Journey to Cohort-Based Learning: A Transformational Tale 🚀

Rewind to 2011: I stepped into a Scrum Change Manager Training alongside Tahi Walcher, michael rehbein, Claudio Ticozzi, and Markus Pulch. Facilitated by Dieter Rösner and designed with Boris Gloger, this wasn’t just a training session—it was a career-defining moment for me.

Key lessons in facilitation, change management, communication, and leadership unfolded. Yet, an underlying gem was the cohort-based format. Together as a leadership group, we didn’t just learn concepts; we learned about each other. Remember the Pacing/Leading role play, Michael? Or the Obelisk exercise?

These moments bonded us and deepened our understanding.

Fast forward to today: My conviction in the power of cohort-based learning has only grown.

At Blinkist, I’m now shaping similar transformative experiences. Our interactive sessions in New Leadership, Feedback Excellence, Women in Leadership, Inclusive Allyship, Hybrid Work, and Leadership Development have made profound impacts.

I’m grateful for my early exposure to group-based learning and thrilled to enable today’s leaders to discover their best selves. It’s a full-circle moment, from being a participant to now creating these pathways.

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