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date:: 2024-06-02

4MAT Principles of Learning

Learning is functional

Functional learning is not just theoretical; it has a direct, beneficial impact on the learner’s life or work.

Learning serves a purpose and is aimed at helping individuals achieve specific goals or solve problems. It’s not just about acquiring knowledge but applying it to practical situations to improve one’s life or work.

Real learning leaves us changed

Genuine learning transforms the learner. It changes how they think, behave, or view the world. This kind of learning has a lasting impact and is not easily forgotten.

Learning is fundamentally social

Much of what we learn comes from interacting with others. Social interactions, discussions, and collaborations enhance understanding and retention of information. Learning in social contexts helps in developing communication skills and different perspectives.

  • [[Reflection on Learning is fundamentally social]]

    Self-directed learning is the core

    When learners take responsibility for their own learning, they are more motivated and engaged. Self-directed learning encourages curiosity, independence, and the ability to pursue personal interests and goals.

  • Through Second Brain self directed learning is supported.
  • Learning how to learn provides great fundamentals

    Cracking the whip stifles learning

    Using fear, punishment, or excessive pressure to force learning can be counterproductive. It creates stress and anxiety, which inhibit the brain’s ability to process and retain information. A positive and supportive environment is more effective for learning.

Actually this means currently one needs to escape school system (in Germany) as early as possible.

Learning needs a supportive environment

A safe, encouraging, and resource-rich environment fosters better learning. Support from teachers, peers, and family, as well as access to learning materials and technology, enhances the learning experience.

Strong connection to Second Brain

Sometimes the best learning is unlearning

Letting go of outdated or incorrect information and beliefs is crucial for progress. Unlearning involves challenging existing assumptions and making room for new, more accurate understandings.

Failing to learn is often the fault of the system

When learners struggle, it’s often due to flaws in the educational system rather than their own abilities. Issues such as poor teaching methods, lack of resources, and rigid curricula can hinder learning.

Strong argument for Smarter Learning with Learning how to learn and Second Brain

People need to learn about what matters to them

Learning is more effective when it aligns with the learner’s interests, needs, and goals. Relevance and personal significance drive motivation and engagement in the learning process.

My running list of 12 favorite problems strongly guide my learning.

  • as a strong filter for information I capture
  • to regularly reflect on my main topics to focus on

Learning is conceptual in nature and creates visual images

Effective learning involves understanding concepts and forming mental images. This deepens comprehension and helps in recalling and applying knowledge in different contexts.

Thats why 4MAT step 3R invest on creating the mental image and connect to the concept introduced in 1R and transported throughout the full learning cycle.

Learning needs to promote a mindset that endures beyond the teaching

Education should aim to instill a lifelong love of learning and critical thinking skills. Learners should develop a mindset that values continuous growth, adaptability, and curiosity beyond formal education.

Learning by doing is more powerful than memorizing and coaching is the key

Hands-on experiences and practical application of knowledge are more impactful than rote memorization. Coaching and mentorship provide guidance, feedback, and support, making the learning process more dynamic and effective.


  • [[Official 4MAT material]]
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