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Learning is Connected with Happiness

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My grandma sparked my love of learning ❤️
(Learning, Learning, Always Learning - Lenin)

Yesterday, as I wandered through Berlin, I stumbled upon a street-side bookshelf. I found: Dr. Eckhardt von Hirschhausen’s “Glück kommt selten allein” (Happiness Rarely Comes Alone).

Seated on a nearby bench, I began to read and was struck by a profound realization: 🍀 LEARNING ITSELF BRINGS HAPPINESS 🍀

This insight deepened my appreciation for how learning elevates my mood and enriches my life.

In hindsight, over the past three years, growing my Second Brain has brought countless moments of happiness:

↳ Obsidian: My thought organization powerhouse.
(Thanks to David Moeller for this initial inspiration!)
↳ Second Brain: Framework for refined thinking (Tiago Forte)

↳ Capture Tools: Kindle-Obsidian bridge + Matter for smart idea capture.
↳ Mind Gardening: Enhances how I express and share knowledge
(details: https://lnkd.in/gYV4hr_K)

↳ Presentations & Workshops: Sharing insights directly from my Second Brain (see 2 examples in the comments)
↳ Daily Writing: My LinkedIn creativity challenge.

All build on a fundamental lesson from my ❤️grandmother❤️ at age eight:

“Lernen, Lernen, nochmals Lernen”
(Study, learn more, learn forever) — Lenin.

This ignited my lifelong passion for learning.

Have you too found that link between learning and happiness?
What was your magic moment?

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My grandma sparked my love of learning (Study, learn more, learn forever - Lenin)

Yesterday I was on a walk and we have these free book shelves in some streets in Berlin, where people provide their old books as a gift. And I found this small book about happiness: Glück kommt selten allein by Dr. Eckhardt von Hirschhausen. I sat down on a bench and started reading. And I found a missing link!

Learning itself provides happiness. This was enlightening and now I understand even better, why I’m always on a high emotional level, when I learn and discover something new. And it also shows - it is the journey of learning itself that matters a lot.

Hindsights, I got a lot of happiness moments since I started working with my Second Brain and the certain stages of Capture-Organize-Distill-Express all provide different angles to it. Reflecting on the past 3 years, these were some Heureka moments in my journey:

  • Discovering Obsidian as my favorite tool and getting all these new possibilities. Thanks again to David Moeller for this impulse back then
  • Discovering the Second Brain approach by Tiago Forte - this gave me the structure and adjusted my thinking approach
  • Discovering the connections for smart capturing of my thoughts - mainly the Kindle-Obsidian bridge and Matter as my the main capture tools
  • For sure - building and growing my digital garden, that really amplified my EXPRESS stage
  • Running presentations directly from within my Second Brain - just recently at the University of Berlin (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/sebastiankamilli_amplify-your-mind-with-a-second-brain-activity-7189156177916698624-sSLU/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop)
  • Designing and running great workshops, based on my learnings - next one upcoming on 15.05. Smarter Learning, Sharper Skills (https://www.linkedin.com/posts/sebastiankamilli_unlock-smarter-learning-and-sharper-skills-activity-7191337343948103680-7GwG/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=member_desktop)
  • Full expression mode with writing daily on LinkedIn - small burst of creativity every morning. Tough, challenging and at the same time rewarding

My biggest thank YOU goes to my grandma, for providing me this magic moment when I was about 8 years old - it was the German sentence: Lernen, Lernen, nochmals Lernen - Study, learn more, learn forever - by Lenin. I still can remember that moment, that switched on my passion to learn.

Did you also already discover that magic link between Learning & Happiness? What were your experiences and magic moments?

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