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10 components of a Thinking Environment

[Source - Nancy Klein](https://www.timetothink.com/thinking-environment/the-ten-components/](https://www.timetothink.com/thinking-environment/the-ten-components/) shared by Abby for a workshop


Listening without interruption and with interest in where the person will go next in their thinking

Attention is an act of creation.


Regarding each other as thinking peers, giving equal time to think

Even in a hierarchy people can be equal as thinkers.


Discarding internal urgency

Ease creates; urgency destroys.


Noticing what is good and saying it

The human mind works best in the presence of appreciation.


Giving courage to go to the unexplored edge of thinking by ceasing competition as thinkers

To be ‘better than’ is not necessarily to be ‘good’.


Welcoming the release of emotion

Unexpressed feelings can inhibit good thinking.


Absorbing all the relevant  facts 

Full and accurate information results in intellectual integrity.


Prioritising diversity of group identities and understanding their lived experience 

Reality is diverse. To think for ourselves well we need to surround ourselves with people from different identity groups and to understand as fully as possible their lived experience.


Freeing the human mind of untrue assumptions lived as true

A wellspring of good ideas lies just beneath an untrue limiting assumption.


Producing a physical environment  the room, the listener, your body  that says, You matter

When the physical environment affirms our importance, we think more clearly and boldly.
When our bodies are cared for and respected, our thinking improves.


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