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My usage of ChatGPT to work through the course

Used in MOC Course Effective Communication and Negotiation

Reduce video consumption time

Each course module had two video sections per week where a course instructor explained a topic. This was given in Spanish language. And they did provide a transcript. Instead of investing much time in listening to the video and also due to the fact that I can’t speak Spanish I asked ChatGPT to summarize via the transcript. (reduced time from around 5 hours listening to 1h summarizing)

See details here: My usage of ChatGPT to work through the course

Help with exercises - reduce time for manual efforts

Each module contained a detailed exercise with peer review. I worked a lot with ChatGPT to create these solutions. One can just copy the exercise instructions and then create a first solution draft. I then scanned and tuned the solutions, what I consider an active step in learning. I got solutions that passed the peer reviews. And I reduce time for manual efforts a lot.

Not yet - to pass the exams

For each of the weeks and for the modules one needs to pass smaller and bigger exams. Unfortunately the answers from ChatGPT don’t yet lead to correct answers that can be used to pass the exams. I would argue that some questions are very course specific and I partially had difficulties to provide the correct answers because of the questions ambiguity.


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