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Notes from Neuro Resilience

Source Blinkist Guide by Sebastian Purps-Pardigol 📖 [[Leben mit Hirn - Sebastian Purps-Pardigol]] (Blinkist Version)

Importance breathing

Nose breathing

  • filtering
  • warms up air
  • adds special incredients that work against inflammation

Breathing techniques to calm down our emotional brain (amygdala)

  • navy seals box breathing - breath in … hold … breath out .. hold, e.g. each part for 4 seconds. Repeat for several minutes
  • 4..6..7 - breathe in … hold … breathe out
  • optimal breathing is based on a 5.5 seconds interval .. breathe in for 5.5 seconds and out for 5.5 seconds
  • extreme breathing approaches Tummo and Wim-Hof-Methode (?? learn more about that)
  • Kapalabhati Pranayama
  • 📖 [[Breath - Atem - James Nestor]] (Blinkist Version)

Importance of Relatedness

  • connection/relatedness with others is super important. Hormone Oxytocin is produced. This calms down, reduces stress and also supports healing. Experiment ape that was stressed by a dog. This stress disappeared when a 2nd ape was present.
    • higher empathy
    • missing connection is like physical pain
    • oxytocin calms down amygdala
  • nice model to remember brain structure
    • flat hand , thumb in the middle is amygdala (emotions), fingers are the neo-kortex (impulse control, rational, empathy, creativity)

Importance of Sleep

  • importance of enough sleep
    • 8h are optimal
    • work with a journal in the evening and show gratitude and what you are thankful for
    • ASMR sounds to calm down
    • get enough sun light, cold bedroom, open window, enable sun light
    • 📖 [[Das große Buch vom Schlaf - Prof Dr med Matthew Walker]] (Blinkist Version)

Single Tasking

  • Single Tasking
    • nice exercise
      • count 1..10
      • name letters a..h
      • count + name like a1,b2,c3,… - this is so much slower
  • Week 1 - Course Notes
  • 📖 [[Konzentriert arbeiten - Cal Newport]] (Blinkist Version)

Metta Meditation

  • to increase happiness and increase relatedness
  • be thankful to 5 persons:
    • your relatives (that you love without restrictions)
    • yourself
    • a good friend (and a special situation)
    • someone neutral
    • someone your are currently in trouble with
  • increases resilience in situations with emotional stress
  • decreases physical pain and calms down
  • extract on Metta by Sebastian
  • Metta mediation online (and my drive)


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