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Unleashing the Power of Personal hashtag#KnowledgeManagement: Uncover My Unique Tool Stack 🛠️
Ignite your productivity and personal development with a cleverly curated technology stack. Curious about which tools make the cut? Keep reading! ⏬

We live in an era where information is abundant, but the challenge lies not in accessing it, but in managing and utilizing it effectively. My journey led me to the SecondBrain approach, enriched with Zettelkasten elements.

Let’s dive into the technology that makes it all possible:

✪ Matter: A one-stop solution for capturing information from diversified sources, transcribing videos, podcasts, and distilling key insights. 📚

✪ Chrome: My trusted companion for seamless browsing. 🌐

Blinkist: Unlocks the essence of books, enabling me to distill critical highlights. 📖

LinkedIn: An ideal platform for capturing ideas and sharing thoughts. 💡

Todoist: Keeps my tasks organized and my productivity on track. 📝

✪ Kindle: The perfect partner for reading and distillation. 📕

reMarkable: An offline haven for note-taking, sketching, and PDF reading. ✍️

Obsidian: Serves as my SecondBrain hub for capturing, organizing, distilling, and expressing thoughts. 🧠

Langdock & ChatGPT-4: My go-to for AI-related tasks, image generation, code generation, and building my prompt library. 🤖

Peloton Interactive & 7Mind GmbH: My regimen for fitness and mindfulness. 🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♂️

✪ my Digital Garden: A place to cultivate, express, and share my knowledge openly. 🌳

This curated stack not only boosts my learning and development, but also enhances my health and fitness. 🚀

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Now, it’s your turn. What’s in your technology stack? How do you manage your personal knowledge? Let’s learn and grow together! 💬

Main content

I use SecondBrain as my overarching Personal Knowledge Management System, blended with Zettelkasten elements.

I currently combine the following tool and app-stack for my personal knowledge management and development. Looking at the dimensions - learning and development, health and fitness.

  • Matter for Capturing Information from many different sources. And for transcribing videos and podcasts. In addition I distill information here.
  • Chrome as my main browser
  • Blinkist to read key insights from books and distill via highlights
  • LinkedIn for capturing key ideas and for expressing my thoughts
  • Todoist for capturing and organizing my tasks
  • Kindle for reading and distilling
  • Remarkable for offline note taking, sketching and reading Pdfs
  • Obsidian as my SecondBrain central. To capture, organize, distill and also partially express
  • Langdock for AI related work where I need to work with several LLMs and want to use workflows and build my prompt library
  • ChatGPT-4 to also add image generation and for code generation
  • Peloton for Fitness
  • 7 Mind for Meditation and mindfulness learning
  • My digital garden to express and share my knowledge in a work out loud manner

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