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Module 1 - The confidence code


What is confidence about

  • confidence, the belief in our abilities vs. competence, the knowledge of our qualifications in a certain field
  • confidence means having belief in own abilities that we become active
  • Confidence shows in being more sociable and taking more risks

Why does confidence matter

The business world requires a certain amount of self-promotion and self-initiative. We have to get ourselves noticed.

Consequences of lower confidence

  • if we lack confidence, we prefer to stay inactive
  • being uncertain of whether our efforts will be successful – that makes us scared to even try
  • if they have good ideas they are less likely than men are to propose them to the boss
  • negative self-perception caused by lack of confidence can cause women to miss opportunities

What causes woman to be less confident

  • confidence is determined by our specific genetic makeup and environmental factors
  • genetic make-up determines up to 50 percent of our confidence
  • girls are often raised to be more diligent and to follow directions more often than boys, which makes them less confident. So they can become perfectionists and less likely to take risks.
  • Women tend to overthink things and not to act.

Comparing to men

  • demonstrate confidence by being more aggressive
  • quicker and more energetic and determined at expressing their opinions
  • Women tend to collaborate with others and be more humble.
  • men negotiate their salary four times more often than women

What can one do to influence confidence

  • Being optimistic does help, though, as it can lead to action which improves confidence
  • stand behind your opinions and defend your point of view … it doesn’t matter if you do it aggressively or not
  • get ourselves noticed.
  • We must understand that taking action is essential to confidence.
  • Consider failures as opportunities to better yourself

Being confident means not letting fear of failure prevent you from trying to get the things you desire. 

Life experiences physically alter our genes’ shapes and cause them to function differently.

  • We have the power to change which memories our brain accesses. Create alternative thought patterns to avoid automatic negative thoughts


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