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[[Women in Leadership - My key insights from joining a coaching pathway led by Katharina Loth ]]

From December 2022 until February 2023 I joined the Coaching Pathway Women in Leadership conducted by Katharina Loth featured by Blinkist.


  • Transport the importance for male in leading positions to upskill
  • Provide a brief course overview to give an impression on content and structure
  • Provide an (easy) entry point to learn more about it and show interest
  • Teaser to my mailing list
  • Tell my own story and learnings
  • Praise Katharina and create a Win:Win:Win %%

%% Outcome for the reader

  • Increased awareness for the topic
  • Concrete deep dive learning points and not longer an abstract topic. I have concrete next steps to follow and I also have concrete contact persons


  • From uninformed to informed
  • From male only to women inclusive


Brief overview on the pathway

The coaching pathway consists of 3 main learning modules, surrounded by a Kick-Off and a session to Wrap up the course. It was organized as a cohort based format combined with preparations for each module.

  • Module 1 focussed on Confidence and Gender Bias
  • Module 2 focussed on Lean Out
  • Module 3 ❔

Topic of Confidence

Confidence can be increased. For instance by working with our fears. When we get conscious about our fears we can actively welcome them to help us getting into action.

Reflecting with that question in mind helps to surface blockers and fears that undermine our confidence.

This question helps to gain clarity. Explicitly stating it and combining it with an understanding what is holding me back, provides concrete building blocks for my confidence bridge.

In addition to relying on others, I can become my own cheerleader and grow my own brand. By being loud about my areas of expertise.

In Module 1 - The confidence code I took notes from the Book in Blinks The Confidence Code.

I want to link that topic also to [[Mindset]] by Carol Dweck and Osho - Being Brave

How can I support?

Topic of Gender Bias

Topic of Lean out instead of Lean in

How can I support based on my role and experience

Special credits to Katharina Loth

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