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My motivation for Building a Second Brain

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What was my motivation? Why did I invest in Building my Second Brain?

  • I was not satisfied with the way of working with my previous learnings. I read a lot but lost much of this information.
  • I felt lost when it came to work with previous acquired knowledge. As soon as I wanted to drill down and share my knowledge with others e.g. in presentations or directly, I often roughly remembered where I got this insights from. And it took me additional effort that mostly felt wasteful to exactly find the information - the page in a book, the picture I remembered, the workshop I ran, the presentation I gave.
  • Since I started working with my Second Brain that changed
    • I have several anchors for my knowledge. And several paths lead to my knowledge
      • MOC, Daily Journal, PARA entry points, Johnny Decimal, Tagging, strong search across one bigger knowledge storage
    • With my distilled information I can grasp the essence of a knowledge artefact much faster. When I want to drill down I can follow many traces available
  • My knowledge was scattered across many places - Kindle, Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Hard-Disks, Google Docs, Miro Boards, Phone, Remarkable, Mails … and many more. And there was no trace I could easily follow to recap information and follow connections.
    • PARA and Johnny Decimal support with a lightweight structure for my knowledge that provides traces and connections between information
    • Within Obsidian and its rich plugin landscape I can centralise a lot of previously distributed knowledge. I have still many things flying around in several systems. But applying the BoyScout rules improves that in small steps. And all new information is now immediately arriving in my Second Brain in Obsidian.
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