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Meeting Types

Synchronization Meetings (Sync)

  • Short, regular meetings to synchronize the team
  • Exchange of work-relevant information that is important for everyone
  • Frequency depending on the team’s needs, e.g. daily, every 2 days or weekly

Problem Meetings

  • Serve to understand complex problems and break them down into sub-problems
  • Each person contributes individually first, before working together
  • The goal is to develop a common understanding of the problem

Solution Meetings

  • Building on the insights from the problem meeting
  • Ideas and solution proposals are collected and evaluated here
  • Also individual idea collection before the common exchange

Decision Meetings

  • Serve to make decisions in a structured way
  • Options are evaluated based on criteria such as effort and benefit
  • The goal is to make well-founded decisions

Retrospective Meetings

  • Reflect on the team’s collaboration and way of working
  • What went well, what can be improved?
  • Learnings and improvement measures are derived from this


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