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Create an outline

Thinking and writing at the same time is extremely difficult.

Outlines expresses logic and sequence of arguments and having everything right in front.

Good to have some time in between highlighting and creating the outline.

Create a new note and create your own structure. Do it with highlight window and new note window beside each other.

What is the bigger picture idea? What is the question it is answering? What is the big new thing?

What is it? Why does it matter?

Write your question and add the answer from the text highlights. Use the bolded and highlighted areas from the notes.

The questions should be for the audience reading/using it.

Logical structure of points supporting other points.

Constantly change structure based on current notes.

Reverse order - conclusion first and then supporting points.

Many related points are scattered around a book. The outline helps to compress these points and bring thoughts/ideas together.

Create categories when the emerge from having many items (more than 5) without a headline

Via outlining ideas emerge by the new arrangement of insights.

By outlining one get much deeper connected to a topic

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