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Notes from The new Era of Coaching with generative AI (Live Showcases)

Meet PI?

Coaching with ChatGPT

Alpina AI coach

  • Coach, Supervisor, Assistant
  • Learning Companion to reflect on your learning and to improve on personal learning

Demo enviroment (sessions won’t be saved). Registration

  • Trained to not give suggestions fast, but bring back questions.
  • Tries to stay within the conversation boundaries and not branching out too much (e.g. when asking a sidetracking question)

Need to learn more about the plugins…

Use Cases for Chatbots in Coaching

We could combine our coaching session with self-coaching and preparing for a session.

  • their service - creates anonymousity by sending the data through their system and neutralizing for ChatGPT (so ChatGPT cannot connect back to that this was me).
  • team coaching?
    • individuals to gain clarity on their topics and challenges … so they can come prepared with self reflection first (e.g. with reflections before retrospective)

What is in the market?

  • AIMY - coach-hub, first AI coach. With speech input.
  • Better-up
  • Focus by Ezra
  • Pi - personal AI (chatbot companion)
  • heypi.com. (much money put in this solution)

About learning reflection


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