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Embarking on a Strategy Odyssey with Wardley Mapping

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Post at LinkedIn

🌟 Embarking on a Strategy Odyssey with Wardley Maps - Seeking Companions and Mentors!

Hello LinkedIn Community,
Today, I find myself at a crossroads, deeply inspired yet somewhat adrift in the vast universe of Wardley Maps. My journey with these maps began years ago, and each encounter, especially with Simon Wardley’s enlightening presentations (link in comments), reignites a passion within me.

Wardley Maps have always beckoned to me, promising a richer, more comprehensive understanding of complex systems and the paths of innovation and change. Unlike the confines of traditional tools like SWOT analysis, these maps offer a canvas for broad, dynamic thinking about strategy. (And so far, I did not experience many with a really convincing approach to strategize)

However, my path hasn’t been without its stumbling blocks. Despite several attempts, I often find myself grappling with the intricacies of these maps - their multi-dimensional nature demanding a level of understanding that feels just beyond my grasp. My conversations with others mirrors this struggle, as the profound value of these maps gets lost in translation, buried under the weight of my nascent understanding.

🔍 The Challenges I Face:
✪ Grasping the higher-order knowledge that Wardley Maps demand.
✪ Communicating their value compellingly enough to inspire learning and engagement.
✪ Navigating the myriad dimensions and stages within the maps, often feeling overwhelmed and uncertain.

But here’s the turning point: I realize that I need more than just knowledge - I need a community. I am reaching out, seeking connections with those who have journeyed farther on this path. Whether you’re a seasoned strategist or an enthusiastic beginner in the world of Wardley Maps, I believe we have much to learn from each other.

🤝 Let’s Connect!
Are you an experienced Wardley Mapper? Let’s collaborate! Your insights could be the guiding light I need to break through my current plateau.

New to Wardley Maps? Join me! Let’s explore and learn together. I have a collection of resources to share (see comments), which could be a fantastic starting point.

In exchange, I offer my relentless curiosity, a willingness to ask the unusual questions, and a commitment to grow together. Your mentorship and guidance will not only aid my journey but also enrich your own through the fresh perspectives and challenges I bring.

🌉 Be a Bridge Builder:
If you know someone adept in the art of Wardley Mapping, I’d be grateful if you could introduce us. Your effort in building these connections could be the catalyst for growth and learning for all involved.

🚀 Ready to join me on this strategic voyage? Hit the ‘Follow’ button, send me a connection request, or drop a comment below. Let’s explore the vast landscape of Wardley Maps together!


Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-01-21_Sun


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