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Notes on the Crisis of Fractured Organizations



  • make data widely accessible across the organization
  • use low code tools to build connected apps (to improve productivity)
  • strenghten alignments and employee engagement
  • a policy of digitizing everything always
  • create a data sharing strategy - data/information available in an organized, self-service and frictionless way
  • democratize software development

The Problem

  • information locked within different teams and systems
    • creates boundaries across teams
  • delayed and not-best informed decision making
  • risk of manual errors
  • huge time wasted in finding information
  • blind spots across the organizations
  • fractures are leading people to feel frustrated and disengaged
  • especially leadership:
    • don’t have the full picture


  • large organizations (>20k employees) have on average 367! software apps/systems
  • 2.4h daily to look for data/information
  • 24% drop in productivity (19% in teams from inefficient and disconnected processes)
  • 8/10 decision-makers … reducing data and information silos is a top priority
  • 90% with improved collaboration as top priority
  • 79% said that teams are siloed throughout the organization
  • top reason behind employee disengagement is data/information is hard to find

Change suggested

  • create shared datasets
  • work with Low-Code-tools leveraging these shared datasets
  • use customizable software that allows organizations to connect silos and work with more agility


  • on usage of Low-Code tools


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