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My running list of AI services I use repeatedly

LinkedIn Post

Post at LinkedIn

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Content preparation


  • collaborating on prompts in our team to create group coaching exercises
  • fast switching LLM
  • ensure GDPR and LLMs hosted in Europe
  • maintaining my prompt library
  • connecting with a collection of documents

Daily main use case: First draft of Daily LinkedIn post.


  • image to text conversion
  • translations
  • voice driven chat conversations
  • working with GPTs - mainly SmartConnections to my Second Brain
  • create MidJourney image prompts


Combined with InsightFaceSwap

  • create cover images for my LinkedIn posts
  • extend my thoughts with images
  • generate images for our group coaching sessions

Daily main use case: Generate cover images.


  • Run data analysis
  • Create graphs based on data
  • Learn python data analysis - great to get hints on how to run data analysis on my own

Blinkist AI

  • find matching books to a topic I’m looking at
  • get further recommendations based on a book I’m just reading and want to explore further

Gemini Advanced

  • fine tuning my LinkedIn posts. The interaction actually feels smoother and I like the improved way of proving me hints for improvements.
  • nice extension to decouple from openai LLM and get a different approach
  • experiment working with documents
  • I expect soon much larger context windows and tough integration in my google suite of tools
  • integrated in Google mobile - for scanning pictures and extracting texts and translations

    Smart Connections in Obsidian

  • work with AI directly in my Second Brain maintained in Obisidian
  • analyze connections of my current writing with other thoughts I had previously
  • chat driven search
  • summaries for longer texts I capture in my Second Brain
  • via it’s GPT - run thinking sessions with my SecondBrain

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