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$10K Training Lesson 9 No, a new iPad won’t change your life



  • shiny new toy syndrome (also known as SNTS).
  • It provides a blueprint for a system. And systems always outlast shiny toys.
  • Tools don’t deliver massive outcomes unless they’re accompanied by Self-Awareness and Behavior Change.
  • self-awareness head first and ask yourself:
    • why’s that?
    • do you want to look better?
    • do you want to have more energy?
    • do you want to improve your health, thus improving your odds for a long life?
  • What actually has to happen?
  • the [[The Power of Full Engagement - Jim Loehr James E Loehr Tony Schwartz]]
    • Maker’s schedule vs Manager’s schedule: An approach to structure your day based upon the creative nature of your work.
  • Give or Take: How to network with generosity. [[The Generosity Network - Jennifer McCrea Jeffrey C Walker Karl Weber]]
  • [[The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work - John Gottman]]
  • [[The Feynman Technique]]: This method focuses on distilling ideas to childlike simplicity to enforce retention.
  • YNAB for budgeting:


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