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Your mind is for having ideas not holding them

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Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them
(A pivotal point to my knowledge work)

I’ve invested SO much time in learning - 300 books, 100+ workshops
but felt like I was barely using that knowledge to its potential.

Then I came across:
‘Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.’ (David Allen)
That quote led me to discover the Second Brain approach.
And it changed everything!

Tiago Forte’s Second Brain approach changed the way I think about knowledge. I now use technology to offload what our brains aren’t meant for – storing information.

This frees up our minds for what they do best:
making connections, having new ideas, and creating understanding.

Two years into building my Second Brain:
3300 notes, 9800 connections, and 1.8 million words externalized!

This makes my knowledge readily accessible and incredibly useful, especially as AI tools continue to advance and provide a new layer on top of it.

If you want to start with your Second Brain - Tiago Forte’s book - Building a Second Brain - is the perfect starting point.

Want to see mine in action? Check out my Digital Garden: https://lnkd.in/eTy4U-qE

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Content preparation

Hook: Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them (I should have switched to my Second Brain earlier)

One person: Everyone who wants to advance in their way of growing knowledge

One Problem: I purchased about 300 books, finished about 150 and remembered a fraction of it. I ran more than 100 workshops but lacked a proper system to efficiently leverage the building blocks of my knowledge.

The quote - Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them - by David Allan was THE IMPULSE to rethink my way of working with knowledge.

One Story: I discovered the Second Brain 🧠 approach! Tiago Forte’s approach showed me an advanced way to Capture, Organize, Distill and Express my knowledge. The core is to leverage technology for managing our knowledge. And to free our brain from having to store this knowledge and instead use our brain for building on top of our externalized knowledge and come up with new ideas, discover connections and grow a compounding understanding.  

And since 2 years I grow my Second Brain and daily express more knowledge that is building on my externalized learnings from 3 decades.

One Solution: If you want to starting building your Second Brain too, I can highly recommend to set the foundations by reading 📖 Building a Second Brain! I also externalized many of my learnings in my Digital Garden - you can use that entry point for my notes about Second Brain: https://digital-garden.ontheagilepath.net/moc-building-a-2nd-brain

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