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1 month into 2024 - in line with goals

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Content preparation

  • in January I reached the first time ever 3000 minutes Peloton training per month
  • done with a stack of 10-15’ meditation,25’ yoga, 5’ strength, 60-120’ cycling
  • embedded in my morning routine to start in the day energized with a sense of accomplishment
  • on weekends I usually extend training
  • From starting with 11 push-ups at start at the year I’m now at 31 push-ups, second round 17
  • It is interesting to watch the plateaus and that is takes around 2 days for the body to adapt

4 components I apply for my habit building

  • 30-for-30 approach, means to do at least 30 minutes of exercise in 30 consecutive days. What I did now with at least 90 minutes each day
  • followed the 2 day rule, to not skip more than one day in a row when building a new habit. When I can’ cycle I have a replacement like walking. But pushed myself to have physical activity each day
  • I apply habit stacking what means to attach a new habit to an existing routine. This way I embedded the push-ups after Yoga and I combine my cycling with thinking about topics I read or analyzed before, to leverage diffused mode learning.
  • I aim for Minimum Viable Progress each day. I can best feel that with push-ups. Inspired by Goggins I earn my mental cookies each day, by pushing it to the limits. I hate it and I love it afterwards.

Headline candidates: Exceeded my January exercise goals (discover my combination of 4 habit building approaches)

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