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Theory of Constraints (TOC)


Theory of Constraints (TOC)

When might this be relevant to you?

This can help you when you have question like

What is hindering to provide customer value in an optimal way?

Where is the global constraint and how can I contribute to resolve it?

Potential usages

  • Optimize your system using TOC

My offer

Sparring partner for analyzing and tuning your system

Where did I apply that?

  • Recently summarized main aspects and combined with my knowledge about Value Stream mapping I can help organizations to work on their Value Creation flow

My level of expertise



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  • Forte Labs - Theory of Contraints Blog Series
  • [[Midjourney V6 prompts examples/030-039 Areas/32 Zettelkasten/Literature notes/Book notes/Kindle/Kanban]]
  • [[Kanban in der Praxis]]
  • [[The Phoenix Project]]
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