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Notes from Writing a book in 30 days

[[Original source for Writing a Book in 30 days by Ness Labs]]

  • writing month - write 50k words in 30 days
  • write a book around a topic that needs much more meat around it
    • illustrations
    • details
  • her book Make Shine

What ideas make it a good book?

  • idea based on personal experience (much faster)
  • will inspire change (should add to the discurs)
  • an idea I would like to be known

Where to start?

  • start with a word count
    • average no-fiction books run between 50k - 75k words
    • ebooks are around 20k words
  • Ness way
    • 1k words per day, 20 days
    • 80-100 pages
    • 10 days design and promotion
  • create your outline, quick bullet
  • start writing and stick to your schedule
    • write imperfect (you have 10 days at the end)

Few rules

  • unfair advantage - stick to what you know and avoid time-consuming research
  • flexible consistency - do your best to stick to the schedule and get back on track when you miss a day
  • format freedom - feel free to insert pictures, charts, tables
  • results delivery - keep in mind what it is you want your readers to be able to achieve. What should they remember from each chapter
  • substance over style - make is clear and concise
  • time constraints - remember, you have 30 days, use the power of creative constraints

Using the 10 days

  • re-read a view times
  • have friends reading it
    • get feedback on typos, grammar, clarity (can the understand the sentence; chapter order)

Make it pretty in three steps


  • consistent fonts and sizes
  • check margins, spacing
  • 2 fonts and some color combination, 2 colors
  • she is writing in Google Docs

Book Cover

  • canva or photoshop, ask for feedback
  • ask a designer friend
  • Google: your idea + book

File export

  • export to ePub

Time to publish


  • pdf on Website and publish via Gumroad


  • produce a small batch via printer
  • publish on Amazon
  • Kindle version and print on demand option
  • and on Gumroad in parallel

Gumroad allows to add additional options.



  • one of the best way - they already care about me and are on reading

Social Media

  • comparable lower conversion
  • talk about chapters of the book


  • appear on podcasts
  • organize a launch event
  • cross promotion with authors
  • guest blog posts
  • referral program
  • bonus material
  • supplemental workshops
    • everyone who buys in first month - workshop
    • everyone who buys in second month - access to video material
  • price-based marketing
    • discounts, that are valid in a special time-frame
    • each day - price of book goes up
  • promote on Ness Labs - as part of the community

Use product hunt too


  • focus on where the sales are coming from and double down


  • [[Steal Like an Artist - Austin Kleon]]
  • Experience Emotional Writing
  • [[Writing an influencing statement]]
  • [[85 Steps to Writing Faster Better - Daphne Gray-Grant]]
  • 5 keys to readability
  • [[The Ultimate Guide to Writing Online – Write of Passage]]
  • [[Thinking about Essays]]
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