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Experience Emotional Writing

I faced a question about the topic digital gardening and why I would like to publish my thoughts. This time I took the time to externalize my thoughts via just writing about it. Flushing it without thinking about formatting, proper phrasing and if what I’m writing is right or wrong or phrased in a not offending way.

I realized that I started with simple argumentation and rationalized the reasoning. And I observed myself and noticed that I was feeling detached from my reasoning. It felt like I was writing something to please the reader. It was on the surface and not really drilling down to my real needs behind.

Connecting to my coaching experience I started to challenge my self. Challenged to remove clutter. I asked myself:

  • What do I really want to achieve by doing that?
  • And why is that important?

I observed my answers and included my body reactions. In the beginning my answers still felt like a make up, like a lie. I could sense this in my body too. It was not really involved.

I forced myself to uncover it as a make up and asked again. Why is that important to me? And for the answers … Why is that important to me?

The more I drilled down the more I started sensing changes in my body. It started feeling connected, authentic and it started showing. It got warm, I got enthusiastic and I was in a zone. Latest when I started crying during my writing I realized that I reached my emotions. This was strong.

And I immediately understood how digital-gardening connects to my need of being seen, gaining social rewards and providing something valuable that gives me the feeling of being connected and maybe contributing something above my mere existence.


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