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3 Steps

1) develop your capacity to direct your attention with mindfulness meditation 2) understand your own cognitive and emotional processes, increasing your self-knowledge 3) establish good mental habits for yourself that will increase your happiness and effectiveness

Emotional intelligence

  • intrapersonal intelligence means being aware of your own inner feelings, values and goals
  • interpersonal intelligence, on the other hand, involves awareness of the feelings, emotions and motivations of others

5 Categories of emotional intelligence

  • Self-awareness: knowledge about your internal state and preferences, resources and intuition.
  • Social skills: your ability to influence others.
  • Empathy: awareness of others’ feelings, needs and concerns.
  • Motivation: is the emotional ability to steer yourself toward your goals
  • Self-regulation: control your impulses, resources and state of mind

Why to develop emotional intelligence?

  • become a better leader
  • emotional competencies such as optimism can have a considerable effect on employee performance

Use meditation to improve concentration and relaxation

  • mindful meditation, or just mindfulness. It improves our concentration by training both our attention and meta attention
  • different types of meditation are designed to exercise different parts of your mind
  • clearing your mind through meditation helps it reach its natural state of happiness
  • mindfulness clears your head and helps you become more relaxed

Use self awareness

  • Self-awareness activates the neocortex - the thinking brain
  • address self-doubt by becoming more aware of unproductive self-talk – the negative, self-undermining stories we often tell ourselves about ourselves
  • use self-awareness to recall strengths and weaknesses

3 Intangible motivators - with different sustainability - Pleasure, Passion, Higher Purpose

  • The first is pleasure. This type of happiness comes from chasing the next high
  • Passion. When you’re passionate about your work, you enter a state of flow
  • Higher purpose. It’s about being part of something that is bigger than yourself, and it’s the most sustainable type of happiness

Build empathy

  • Empathizing with others builds trust
  • Helps to quickly resolve issues

2 Exercises

  • Just Like Me asks you to imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes and come to understand that they wish to be happy and loved, just like you
  • Loving Kindness, requires you to meditate and have positive wishes for the other person. Wishing the best for somebody else will enhance your capacity for empathy and improve your relationship with them

Become a better leader

  • affection as key differentiator - display warmth and fondness towards employees
  • try to relieve any suffering that employees may be experiencing
  • people will work harder if they like their leader


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