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✨Unleashing Creativity with Brainwriting: A Unique Approach to Daily Posting
(8 steps from Zero to a high value LinkedIn post)

🧠 Embrace Brainwriting
Through my journey with the NessLabs community, I’ve harnessed the power of brainwriting. This method entails a 30-minute free writing spree on a chosen topic, prioritizing the flow of thoughts over structure. It’s the cornerstone of my daily posts, sparking creativity without bounds.

📚 Select Your Prompt
My arsenal of writing prompts is ever-growing, enriched by weekly insights and a zeal for books and summaries from Blinkist. Merging these gems with my Second Brain, powered by a Smart Connections AI, unveils a treasure trove of fresh topics waiting to be explored.

🌱 Set Up for Success
I craft a distraction-free environment, optimizing comfort and focus. This ritual includes a cozy seat, hydration, Obsidian in full focus mode, and neuroscience backed brain.fm tunes, setting the stage for unparalleled concentration.

⏳ Add a Constraint
Limiting my sessions to 2.5 hours curtails endless exploration, fostering productivity. A timer not only tracks my progress but also signals the beginning of deep engagement with my topic, often leading to a 30-40 minute writing burst.

🔍 Converging Thoughts
Post-brainwriting, I sift through the chaos, categorizing ideas and tidying up my rapid-fire thoughts. Activating my smart connections AI, I weave in external insights, enriching my content. Yet, I remain vigilant, ensuring my exploration enhances rather than distracts.

💡 Reflect on Value
I ponder the impact of my writing, aligning each post with my mission to nurture leadership skills. This post for instance aims to embolden readers in mindful productivity, persuasive writing, and effective communication, support a commitment to lifelong learning.

📈 Structure and Flow
With a wealth of ideas at hand, I sculpt my narrative, ensuring clarity and engagement. This step is crucial for reader comprehension, allowing the essence of my message to shine through.

🤖 Leverage AI
AI becomes my ally, refining my English and condensing my thoughts. Langdock shapes my initial drafts, while ChatGPT offers deep insights, fine-tuning my content to near perfection.

🎨 Enhancing with Visuals
Finally, I adorn my posts with visuals. Whether brainstorming with ChatGPT or crafting with Midjourney, the right image breathes life into my words, making each post not just informative but visually captivating.

This journey has sharpened my content creation skills and highlighted writing’s power in growth.

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Content preparation

Through engaging in multiple writing sessions with the NessLabs community, I’ve embraced brain writing. This method involves dedicating 30 minutes to freely write everything that comes to mind on a specific topic, emphasizing continuous writing without concern for formatting or structure initially. Brain writing kicks of my daily posting that follows 8 steps.

Chapter: Select a writing writing prompt for today

I maintain a backlog of writing prompts, adding new ideas as they occur to me and refined weekly. Additionally, I engage in focused reading sessions, exploring my existing materials and discovering new insights through books and Blinkist summaries. Integrating these with my Second Brain via my Smart Connections AI layer leads me to further fresh topics.

Chapter: Set up my writing environment for success

I begin these sessions by eliminating distractions and setting up my workspace for optimal comfort and focus. This includes finding a comfortable seat, ensuring access to water, switching Obsidian to full focus mode to highlight only the current writing section, and playing neuroscience-backed focus music from brain.fm to enhance concentration.

Chapter: Add a constraint

With a total time allotment of 2.5 hours, this boundary helps me stay focused and curbs my tendency for excessive exploration. I initiate a timer as a mental cue to manage my session, allowing me to track its length. Interestingly, my initial burst of writing usually spans 30-40 minutes. Brain writing deeply engages me with the subject, leading to more cohesive thoughts. For instance, I just considered integrating previous research into my writing.

Chapter: Converging thoughts

After completing a brain writing session, I’m left with numerous intriguing but disorganized ideas. To impose structure, I first swiftly categorize my arguments, then correct any glaring grammatical and spelling mistakes from rapid typing without much screen attention. Exiting full focus mode, I activate my smart connections AI layer to identify potentially relevant links, integrating insights from other sources to enhance, detail, or correct my arguments. This process often sparks ideas for new posts, which I promptly add to my Todoist backlog, though I refrain from pursuing them immediately. Vigilance is key while exploring connections to avoid getting sidetracked, with my writing timeframe serving as a valuable guardrail.

Chapter: Reflecting on Value and Higher Purpose

In this phase, I contemplate the value my post will bring to readers and its alignment with my broader mission of fostering leadership development.

As an example, this post aims to encourage regular writing and reflection practices, tied closely with the concepts of mindful productivity and deep focus. This aligns with three of the 21 life-enhancing skills:

  • Mastering Your Thoughts
  • Writing to Persuade and Influence Others
  • Expressing Thoughts and Feelings Effectively

Chapter: Structure and flow

After establishing connections, I refine my writing’s structure and flow, focusing on the coherence of my arguments and ensuring they are clear and concise for readers to follow.

Chapter: Leverage AI

Now, I harness AI to enhance my post. Selecting a format, I use tailored prompts in Langdock for an initial iteration, improving my English phrasing and sentence structure. This also helps condense my arguments. Through a dialog with AI, I refine the post further. Additionally, I consult ChatGPT for a deeper analysis, gaining valuable insights for final adjustments.

Chapter: Enhancing with visuals

If my post lacks supporting visuals, I use ChatGPT to brainstorm suitable images. Should ChatGPT not yield optimal results, I pivot to Midjourney, employing techniques from a Midjourney course, supplemented by ChatGPT for effective prompting.

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