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50 days into daily posting on LinkedIn

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Charting a New Course: 50 Days of Writing, Learning, and Connecting on LinkedIn
(discover the tools, routines, and breakthroughs)

In just 50 days, inspired by Tim Queen 👋’s insights, I’ve transformed my routine, honed my skills, and deepened my connections here on LinkedIn. With early morning brainstorming sessions to crafting posts with the help of AI has not only improved my English but also my understanding of effective communication.

The outcome? A 550% boost in impressions, 780% more engagement, and a 9% follower increase.

Curious about the details? Keep reading …

My Morning Ritual 🌅
Every day, between 5-6 AM, I dive into my daily topic. It begins with brain writing and exploring connections in my “Second Brain.” It’s a 30-45 minute burst of thoughts, without the constraints of format.

Deepening the Dive 🧠
Utilizing Smart Connections AI in Obsidian, I expand my ideas with rich, connections suggested by the AI, based on my initial brain writing. Content takes shape.

Crafting the Message 🛠️
For structuring and fine-tuning my English, I turn to Langdock. My collection of prompts is something I’ve curated over time to support various post styles—be it storytelling or a simple list. As a non-native English speaker aiming to reach a global audience, the AI’s assistance is invaluable. In addition I improve both my English and writing skills.

Visual Storytelling 🎨
To complement my words, I add images. I alternate between AI-generated graphics from ChatGPT and Midjourney and my own creations, all while honing my design skills. Bear with me as I smooth my visual presentation skills.

The Investment ⏳
Each post represents a commitment of 90 to 120 minutes. It’s not just about writing—it’s about crafting a message that resonates.

The Backlog 🔖
My backlog—maintained in Todoist—is a dynamic list of at least 30 topics, fed by my weekly reviews of my Second Brain, personal impressions, and reader feedback. It’s a wellspring of ideas that I draw from to pre-schedule posts for the coming week.

The Value Proposition 💡
This journey is more than a writing exercise; it’s a medium to share my insights on leadership, health, agility, and more. It’s an opportunity to reflect, refine, and manifest my learnings—an integral part of the “Express” stage in the C-O-D-E framework.

The Human Connection 👥
Through this platform, I’ve connected with incredible individuals—engaging in thought-provoking discussions on AI and rekindling ties with former colleagues. It’s rewarding to see the value it brings to others.

The Impact 📈
✪ Impressions have skyrocketed by 550% in 90 days, now averaging about 2000 per day.
✪ Engagement has surged by 780%.
✪ My follower count has seen a 9% increase, leading to enriching exchanges and reconnections.

👉 Follow me in this journey of continuous improvement. Share your thoughts, feedback, or questions in the comments below. Let’s engage, learn, and grow together!

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Content preparation

50 days into a daily writing habit for LinkedIn. My procedure and what I learned so far.

Based on working through the course from Tim Queen and learning about a daily writing habit (see details on my post), I started posting daily in LinkedIn. And I follow a strict sequence that looks like that:

  • I get up each morning around 5-6am. And with some mental empowering Music I start to write on a topic.
  • I often use an approach of brain writing combined with looking for connections through my Second Brain. After a first scanning of potential connections, I write for about 30-45 minutes about a topic. Just writing, not yet much structure and formatting.
  • Then I look for deepening thoughts through exploring further connections. I leverage Smart Connections AI in Obsidian that now based on my brain writing provides me with many potential connections I can enrich my content with.
  • For structuring and phrasing my thoughts in better English I then leverage ChatGPT through Langdock. I maintain several prompts in Langdock, that I nourish and tune over time. These prompts are for different post styles and support writing in Story format or expressing my thoughts as list. As I’m not a native English speaker and would like to provide value with my thoughts to a wider audience, I really value the support AI provides me here. A great side effect is that I can further improve my English and also my writing by studying the suggestions.
  • Often I add a supporting image or materials. For image generation I use a mix of ChatGPT image generation and Midjourney. Partially I also create visualizations by myself. And I’m currently upskilling on my understanding of design. So please forgive the design flaws I might still show in my expressions.
  • I invest between 90’-120’ of writing and tuning a post.
  • I maintain a backlog with at least 30 topics I want to post about. These topics are derived from my running list of my 12 favorite problems (see comments).
  • I maintain that list on Sunday with a deep dive through my Second Brain, through impressions from the week, and through learnings from posts that seemed to provide a higher value for my readers. In addition I add thoughts spontanuously. For keeping that list I use Todoist as my task manager.
  • On Sunday I also pre-assign dates to posts for the next week. Considering what works better during the week and what on weekends.

What is a value I gain from that?

  • It is a way to express my thoughts and share my insights about leadership, health, agility and further topics with you. I want to provide a value for others to build on these experiences and get impulses for their journey.
  • Expressing thoughts leads me to reflect, refine and manifest my own learnings. It is an active part of working with my Second Brain - the stage of Express from the C-O-D-E.
  • I can connect with great people. Just recently I had a great conversation about the usage of AI. And I’m having great re-connections with previous colleagues. It is great to see, that it seems to provide a value for others.
  • And, full transparency, it is an approach to show the value I offer in various dimensions. And I want to enable others to leverage that experience.

What happened in 50 days?

  • I observe a steady increase in impressions. In 90 days impressions increased by 550% and are currently about 2000 impressions per day.
  • Engagement increased by 780% in 90 days
  • Followers increased by 9% 90 days with several great exchanges and re-connects

I would really love to further improve the way I express my thoughts and provide value for readers. Your feedback either via comments, direct message is highly welcome. What works for you? What would you wish to read more about? What should I stop?

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