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Smart Connections - the next level of working with AI

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✨Second Brain and AI: Elevate your knowledge management with a powerful combination (unleash creativity by enabling serendipity)

Ever wondered how to leverage AI in your Second Brain? The answer has emerged overnight - Smart Connections by Brian Petro! An impressive upgrade that transforms your interaction with knowledge.

🧠 Let’s dive into the vast expanse of my Second Brain. Each of the 2500 dots represents a single note. The size of a dot reflects the number of connections it has with other notes. And often, size mirrors importance.

🔗 Keeping track of these myriad connections can be daunting. That’s where AI steps in, opening up a whole new realm of possibilities.

✪ Serendipity is now not just a happy accident but a regular occurrence. With Smart Connections in Obsidian, every note I work on offers up connections and potential matches. It’s like having a personal knowledge concierge!

✪ Furthermore, ChatGPT has joined the party! Now the full power of ChatGPT can be harnessed within my notes, all thanks to the Smart Connections ChatGPT bridge.

This is the dawn of a new era in leveraging my Second Brain. It’s a synergistic alliance of two powerhouses - the Second Brain and AI. This isn’t just AI; it’s highly personalized AI, a world apart from generic AI.

What could you achieve with such a powerful tool in your arsenal? 💡

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⭐ How do you envision this personalized AI transforming your (Second) Brain?

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Content preparation

  • A new level of leveraging AI on my Second Brain just appeared over nights. Smart Connections. What an awesome extension.
  • Look at the growing size of my Second Brain … all my externalized knowledge so far.
  • Each dot - one note. With the size of a note indicating the amount of connections with other notes. That can correlate with importance of that note too.
  • So many connections are tough to keep in mind. So AI opens a new world of possibilities
  • Serendipity, the random (re)-discovery of connections. And Smart Connections in Obsidian does that really well. When I’m working on a note, I get connections and potentially matching notes as suggestions. Just awesome.
  • In addition, I can now work in ChatGPT with my notes and leverage the full power of ChatGPT. Thanks to Smart Connections ChatGPT bridge.
  • This is now a next level of leveraging my Second Brain. A marriage of two powerful tools - Second Brain and AI. It is highly personalized AI and big difference to generic AI.

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