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Notes from The PARA Method book by Tiago

  • Never create an empty folder/tag/container before you really have something to put in it (p50, Create Additional folders as needed)
  • Work with an Inbox folder to don’t waste time putting it inside PARA at the perfect place immediately but file them in a combined session (p 58 Create an Inbox)
  • Installed Custom-Sort Obsidian Plugin to sort my folders according to PARA without having to change my Johnny Decimal Numbering system
  • projects end while areas continue indefinitely
  • every project falls under an area of responsibility
  • Areas - things you are directly responsible for and Resources - things you are merely interested in
  • For resources ask Is this useful, rather than Is this interesting

PARA with a team

Questions that highlight that effective Knowledge Management boils down to

  • Is it interesting and attention-grabbing? (Does it make people want to read it?)
  • Is precise and clear? (Can people easily understand wha it’s trying to say?)
  • Is it empathetic? (Is it written to be understood from the reader’s point of view?)
  • Does it help people solve a problem? (Is it clearly useful and effective?)
  • Does it inspire people to take action? (Does it make it eas for others to apply it?)

3 PARA core habits

  • Organize according to outcomes (action first)
  • Organize just in time
  • Keep things informal

What matters now is the ability to elevate your perspective above the fray of the day-to-day noise, remain in a place of calm perspective, and from that place to orchestrate the people, tools, systems, and flows of information surging around you.


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