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Essay preparation note

Main point

Small steps and iteratively nurturing of knowledge over time leads to the effect of compounding knowledge. Knowledge that build on previous knowledge and leads to higher levels of understanding and capabilities to solve problems. Understanding the approach of Building a Second Brain is a great foundation to grow knowledge with structure and build on the wisdom of others, without reinventing the wheel.

Points to deliver that support my main point

Explain my journey of building a Second Brain

  • Struggles in the beginning
  • Getting started with Obsidian and get first notes going
  • Links, learn about structure of BASB, Linking Your Thinking, Zettelkasten
    • discover CODE
  • explore world of plugins
    • master Capture
  • early stage of Growing my Digital Garden
  • explore world of journalling
  • run presentations, draw pictures, distilling courses
  • 5AM club
  • Obsidian & BASB starter kit
  • Workshop about BASB with Obsidian
  • Joined cohort 18
  • AI inside Obsidian - a game changer

What do I recommend as small steps

  • Get an overview of basics in Obsidian and start with taking initial notes
  • explore concept of Building a Second Brain and implement first aspects right away
  • take little steps each day. And if it’s just a tiny note, a journal entry
  • add when touched

Show the effect of compound knowledge via example

  • I design workshops within hours (instead of weeks)
  • I share knowledge with colleagues, friends immediately - either from Digital Garden or via exporting a note
  • I hold more presentations and use Obsidian to create & run presentations
  • I reduce friction of scattered knowledge and can use that time to learn
  • I reach higher levels of thinking - example -
    • flow state with 5AM club
    • knowledge structure I can apply in company context
    • join topic discussions with profound baseline knowledge
    • leverage AI to work with my knowledge

Compounding knowledge

ChatGPT: What is compounding knowledge Compounding knowledge refers to the accumulation and growth of knowledge over time through the process of learning, retaining, and building upon previously acquired knowledge. The concept is based on the idea that as you gain knowledge and understanding in a particular field or subject, that knowledge serves as a foundation for further learning and comprehension.


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