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$10K Training Lesson 7 The ultimate $10K task hiding in plain sight



  • If we just get a little bit better each day, we’ll reap tremendous long-term benefits.
  • James Clear’s category-defining book [[Atomic Habits - James Clear]].
  • Remember: your goals & ambitions ≠ habits
  • we make the mistake of aiming too high.
  • we should focus being “heroically consistent”
  • Four Laws Of Behavior Change.
    • cue (Step 1) sends a trigger to your brain to set off a specific behavior (an alarm, entering your bedroom, your phone buzzing)
    • A craving (Step 2) for a certain feeling or emotion arises (the excitement of gambling, the calmness of alcohol)
    • A response (Step 3), the habit itself (having a drink, checking your phone)
    • A reward (Step 4), either temporary or permanent is unlocked (excitement, calmness)
  • most powerful cues: time and location.
    • Time: These include waking up, your afternoon coffee,
    • first thing after I wake up.
    • on Saturday mornings
    • then we can redesign our environment to make our desired habits more obvious:
  • To remember your medication each night, place the pill bottle directly next to the faucet
    • place the guitar stand in the middle of your living room
  • To drink more water, fill up a few bottles each morning and place them across your home
  • our habits are modern-day solutions to very ancient desires.
    • Conserving energy
    • Obtaining food and water
    • Finding love and reproduce
    • Connecting and bonding with others
    • Winning social acceptance and approval
    • Reducing uncertainty
    • Achieving status and prestige
  • why am I doing this?
  • Temptation bundling “pairs an action you want to do with an action you need to do.”
    • For me, I drink my lemon water and do 30 pushups before I can take a sip of the magical elixir.
  • Make it easy The third rule is all about getting out of your own way.
    • By removing friction for good habits (or adding friction for bad ones) you can “stack the deck” to work in your favor.
    • Chop up a ton of fruits and vegetables on weekends and pack them in containers, so you have easy access to healthy, ready-to-eat-options during the week.
  • the fourth law increases the odds that the behavior sticks.
  • This strategy shows the power of habit tracking,
  • “What gets measured, gets mastered”
  • Creates a visual cue that can remind you to act
    • Is inherently motivating because you see the progress and don’t want to lose it (think Snapchat streaks)
    • Feels satisfying whenever you record a successful instance
  • “never miss twice.” If you miss one day, keeping that momentum by getting back on track as soon as possible.
  • Finally, to break a bad habit, there’s also the inversion of the 4th law: Make it unsatisfying.
  • tap into our core human desire: avoiding social rejection.
  • getting an accountability partner,
  • Being even more public about your habits (via, Social Media) can make the costs of violating your promises public and painful.


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