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Lets play coaching hopscotch

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The Hopscotch Method: 8 Keys to Coaching Mastery 🤯
(Playful Guidance for Breakthroughs 🚀)

Ever felt lost in a coaching session? The Hopscotch Method offers playful guidance! 🚀

Let’s explore the 8 fields that elevate your coaching skills
● Beauty First! Don’t let interruptions take precedence. Ask yourself, “What does an elegant solution look like?” 💡

● Embrace Professional Laziness. Let your Coachee drive the session. Your role? To observe and nudge only when absolutely needed. Sometimes, less is truly more. 🌟

● Weigh the Consequences. What are the best and worst-case scenarios?

● No One Left Behind. Craft solutions where everyone wins. Ask, “How can we ensure no one is lost?” 🤝

✪ Seize the Agenda. Listen and adapt, pinpointing the evolving topics. Stay agile, and let the dialogue dictate the direction. 🔄

● Know When to STOP. Recognize boundaries and halt meandering conversations. Focus on what truly matters by asking, “What’s the priority right now?” ✋

● Offer Ideas, Not Advices. Spark your client’s problem-solving with three ideas that expand their imagination, rather than boxed-in advice. 💭

● What? When? Where? How? Who? They’re your keys to unlocking new perspectives and solutions. 🔑

By navigating these 8 fields, you empower your Coachee to craft their path and discover solutions that resonate deeply with their unique challenges.

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Content preparation

I learned about the 8 fields of the Hopscotch for coaching in a seminar about systemic aggression management. I love this model for its smart simplicity. It provides me with a fast orientation, I can memorize each element well and it’s a playful guidance I can use in conversations.

So lets assume you are in a coaching conversation and now imagine your Hopscotch playing field, each field providing you with an opportunity to explore next and help the Coachee to discover their solution. You can jump from one field to another one and keep the conversation going. Now you might ask - what are the field about?

Here we go: ▒ Beauty take precedence! Inverse the principle of interruptions taking precedence. Ask - How does a beautiful solution look like? ▒ Professional Laziness - Let the Coachee lead and bring in theirself. As Coach observe and ask further when really necessary. ▒ Consider Consequences - What happens best case? What worst case? ▒ No one gets lost - How can you make sure that all can win and that you do not loose anyone? ▒ Pick up an order - based on the conversation extract what becomes the topic to work on with the Coachee. Be flexible and adjust with further development of the conversation. ▒ Stop - Where is a clear boundary or limit, where it needs to STOP! Also stop a conversation that meanders and ask for: What is important now! ▒ Three ideas instead of advices - let the client find a solution and just bring in 3 ideas that extend the picture and open imagination. ▒ What? When? Where? How? Who? - 5 important perspective enhancing questions. And provide important answers.

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