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The magic of doing $10,000 per hour work



  • Credit card hacking is a prime example of doing $10/hour work. * It feels productive (free money!). * It releases dopamine (A free flight upgrade!) * And it makes you feel like you’re outfoxing a competitor (I got away with THIS!). * But does not move the needle
  • $10k/hour examples. What would move the needle? * Cancelling Amazon prime. * Conducting a monthly money review with your spouse. * Paying cash for all purchases. * Learning how to cook. * Automating a 529 plan for an unborn child.
  • But because the deliberate investment you make will pay off in spades at a future date.
  • identifying your highest leverage activities
  • $10/hour work The land of low skill low leverage work is plastered with all kinds of temptations.
  • $10/hour work is busywork. Full stop. It doesn’t move the needle.
  • A litmus test for $10/hour work is: could I do this hungover?
  • $100/hour work This quadrant is busywork at scale.
    • Said differently, you’re leveraging the wrong skill.
  • But his $10,000/hour skill was knowing just enough about each function and distilling complex issues into simple questions.
  • There’s no swoosh sound when you complete it. Zero dopamine. The results aren’t seen for years, if not decades.
  • What’s more, $10K work is personal. It’s a peculiar cocktail of your industry, skills, passions, curiosities, relationships and vision.
  • some high-leverage and high-skill activities?


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