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How to Write Objectives and Key Results- - Best OKR Examples of 2019



  • These key results are concrete, measurable actions which lead towards achievement of objectives.
  • KPIs are key metrics used for evaluating how a team is performing against its goals.
  • OKRs are linked to broader organizational goals and objectives, whereas KPIs are mostly tied to individual performance
  • KPIs are put in place to keep day to day operations in check, and to evaluate the success of a particular process or activity.
  • OKR framework focuses more on your priorities at a strategic level.
  • In other words, once you’ve clearly developed your OKRs, you need a step-by-step guide (projects and tasks) to help you achieve them.
  • OKR gives a clear picture of what needs to be done, and project management shows how exactly to do it.

Google OKRs are public, so that every employee can see what others are working on.

Besides Google, other leading teams using the OKR system include Uber, Airbnb, LinkedIn, and Spotify.

OKR Examples

Let’s start with some of the OKR examples to help you quickly get started with the process. For your convenience, we’ve divided them up into categories.

Project Management OKR Examples

If your projects are product-based, you can use the following OKRs:

Objective — successfully launch beta version of the product

  • Key Result 1 — collect feedback from first 50% of the customers
  • Key Result 2 — get published product reviews in at least 5 major publications
  • Key Result 3 — get at least 50% new signups

Objective — design new product vision

  • Key Result 1 — get internal feedback from your team (preferably on a scale)
  • Key Result 2 — take feedback from at least 50% of prospective customers
  • Key Result 3 — get maximum usability score on UX mockups from prospective customers

Objective — pinpoint problems with the current user interface by Q2

  • Key Result 1 — run quality assurance of all features in real time
  • Key Result 2 — present solutions for reducing lag time
  • Key Result 3 — identify areas that cause product lags

Objective — improve product performance by 75% by Q4

  • Key Result 1 — eliminate 90% bugs
  • Key Result 2 — incorporate new tools to improve performance
  • Key Result 3 — reduce processing time by 75%

Marketing OKR Examples

Objective — Increase sign ups via email by 30% by the end of Q4.

  • Key Result 1 — Increase click-through rate by 30%
  • Key Result 2 — Increase email open rate by 30%
  • Key Result 3 — Decrease email bounce by 30%

Objective — Increase market reach by 40% by Q4.

  • Key Result 1–3rd largest distributor network growing by 10% per month
  • Key Result 2 — published as the fastest growing network in 3 major publications
  • Key Result 3 — increased brand visibility from 40% to 60%

Sales OKR Examples

Objective — achieve 40% more revenues by the end of Q4

  • Key Result 1 — increase gross profit margin by 25%
  • Key Result 2 — start sales in new cities and achieve 40% more revenues
  • Key Result 3 — increase monthly revenues by 25%

Objective — improve the efficiency of sales staff by 35%

  • Key Result 1 — positive feedback from 80% of customers about the efficiency
  • Key Result 2 — Training sessions conducted once every three months
  • Key Result 3 — conversion rate increased by 30%

Engineering OKR Examples

Objective — improved quality of features in the new release

  • Key Result 1 — less than 5 major bugs in production
  • Key Result 2 — increased unit test coverage from 40% to 70%
  • Key Result 3 — implement the new QA process

Objective — improve data security procedures

  • Key Result 1 — review security policies of top 5 companies
  • Key Result 2–100% data recovery with daily backup
  • Key Result 3 — conduct testing using at least 2 external software

In a nutshell, OKRs provide organizational focus to your team and help in drastically improving productivity.

If you are already setting business and company goals using the OKR framework, share your views about it with us in the comments below.

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