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Thanks to Boris for many years of influencing my career

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A Journey of Influence and Inspiration with Boris
(Through 16 years with recurring impulses by Boris Gloger)

Currently, I’m immersed in Boris Gloger’s latest book, Agile Entrepreneurship.
With two-thirds read, it’s time to reflect and express my gratitude.

Thank you, Boris, for being a pivotal influence in my career!

Here’s how our paths crossed and how you shaped my journey (even if you might not recall):
→ 2008: 📖 Scrum: Produkte zuverlässig und schnell entwickeln, ignited my passion for Scrum.
Your emotional and passionate writing convinced me to dive in.
→ 2008 Your ScrumMaster and Product Owner certifications equipped me with invaluable skills. WUFF Boris!
→ 2011 New Horizons: At my new job with a multinational team, I introduced Scrum from day one.
The Scrum Change Manager training series improved my leadership and change management skills.
Thanks to Dieter Rösner for your excellent facilitation.

→ 2014 📖 Selbstorganisation braucht Führung fused Agile with management and leadership principles.
→ 2016 I attended your Scrum 3.0 and Organization 4.0 session in Berlin.
It was great to explore the continuous evolution of Agile methodologies.
→ 2024 📖 Agile Entrepreneurship provides great insights as I carve out my entrepreneurial path.

It’s fascinating to see these connections in hindsight.
Your dedication to continuous learning and improvement moves me.

Thank you Boris!

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I currently read Boris Gloger’s latest book Agile Entrepreneurship. I read about two thirds already and it made me reflect. I want to use that opportunity to thank you Boris, for being one of the most influential persons for my career.

Let me list all these occasions, where ways crossed and that influenced me (and likely you won’t remember)

  • Back in 2008 I read your book “Scrum: Produkte zuverlässig und schnell entwickeln” and your emotional and passionate writing convinced me to try Scrum by my self.
  • I joined your ScrumMaster and Product Owner certifications. Your trainings where well done and equipped me well for my career forward. WUFF Boris!
  • I changed job to a new company, operating with a multinational team. And right from the beginning introduced Scrum. Together with a great team of peer managers I joined your Scrum Change Manager training series. Facilitated by the awesome Dieter Rösner. A pivotal experience to understand facets of leadership and how to guide change. This mainly influences several years to my work as an Agile Coach
  • Later in Berlin I joined your Scrum 3.0 and Organization 4.0. It was great to see the ongoing evolution.
  • Your book Selbstorganisation braucht Führung provided an important contribution to integrate the topic of management and leadership with Agile. Highly needed at this point.
  • Now I’m reading Agile Entrepreneurship. Again, with important insights. And it found me at the right point in time, building my own trajectory.

So many connection points. Interesting to notice that in hindsight.

I’m inspired by your passion and your attitude towards continuous learning and improvements. Thanks for being such an influencer and for me a person to look up to.

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