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💪 How I reached 10x growth in fitness in 3 months (and how you reach that with 5 simple steps too)

I hate these push-ups a little every day. But once done I actually love it.

In just 3x months I reached >10x growth with my daily push ups routine. From 11 to 135! (and 200 within 4 minutes).

I follow 5 simple steps. Build your routine this way: ✪ I take a small! step daily! ✪ I make starting super easy. Define your time-routine, all prepared, no excuses ✪ I accept plateaus and recommend you push through ✪ I enjoy the moment, once you did it. And I project that moment before I exercising. ✪ I connect it with my longevity north star and a goal for the quarter - was 50 … reached 135 for Q1!

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Posted on LINKEDIN on 2024-03-31_Sun


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